Patch Notes

Epic Mod 5.89 (9/25/17)

Lots of different small changes:
2 hander elite weapons buffed
other unique item adjustments (buffs)
act 3 merc now does frost spells only and has lvl 15 fanaticism aura
druid rabies buffed
sorc hydra & lightning storm buffed
gambling 5x costlier but also 5x as lucrative

Epic Mod 5.81 (9/6/17)

Various changes from previous patches (minor changes to class skills, assassins especially)

Rainbow Facets should now be more tuned to not drop like candy from bosses (still will drop pretty decently)

Baal now drops only Unique equipment.

Quillbears are a good alternative to Countess runs now

Epic Mod 5.78 (8/19/17)

  • Rainbow Facets now drops more frequently from bosses
    • Level reduced from 75 to 65
    • +1 all skills added to offensive style
    • defensive style adjusted for the better
  • Boss drops should now be better
    • 5.77b and c adjusted jewel drop rate to not be op
  • 5.78
    • Rainbow Facets can now drop anywhere in game
      • Jewel Boss drop chance (might not be Rainbow Facet, but super high chance):
        • Normal: 1% (7 drops) - 7% chance on kill
        • Nightmare: 2% (7 drops) - 14% chance on kill
        • Hell: 5% (7 drops) - 35% chance on kill
        • Quest Boss drops doubled for jewel chance

Epic Mod 5.75 (7/29/17)

  • Quill Bears now drop 4 items instead of 3 and have a 25% chance of dropping a Manald Heal or Nagelring (+5 to random skill ring, the ring has also been slightly buffed (secondary stats)

  • Epic Mod 5.74b (7/28/17)

  • Bone Spear mana cost reduced almost in half (5.73)
  • The Countess now drops 5 random runes instead of 3

  • Epic Mod 5.72 (7/23/17)

  • Wirts Leg can now be purchased from Akara (still have to kill Baal to access cow level)

  • Epic Mod 5.71 (7/19/17)

  • Minor changes to stats on rares (fine tuning)

  • Epic Mod 5.7 (7/16/17)

  • Bishibosh now drops Gheeds in Normal and Staff of Kings and Khalims Flail in Normal Nightmare and Hell.
  • All small, large and grand charms no longer drop (except for Annihilus, Gheed's and Torch)
  • Gheeds and Constricting Ring nerfed
  • Resists are now 0 at normal, -50 in Nightmare and -100 in Hell

  • Uber D has highest conviction aura in Epic Mod (-75 resistance), would need 270 resistance to have 95 resist (if max resist is maxed) against him, against next toughest conviction mob in Epic Mod would need 245 resistance

  • Epic Mod 5.61 (4/17/16)

  • Vendors: No longer stock magical armor types, encouraging the player to not play Diablo 2 vendor drop edition.  ; p
  • Also, they now stock Super Healing and Mana Potions from the very beginning, yay!
  • Assasin:
  • Blade Shield delay reduced from 25 to 10

  • Epic Mod 5.60 (4/16/16)

  • Prefix Adjustment:

    • HP% and Mana% on rare and magical items will now be 90% chance for 5-15, and 10% chance for 15-30 (used to be 100% chance for 10-30 which was too good

  • Suffix Adjustment:

    • Movement speed in magical and rare boots is now active from lvl 1 and the higher movement rates being rarer but still possible in low lvl play

  • Unique Items

    • Constricting Ring: Nerfed Energy and Mana Regen in half, now 25 Energy and 100% mana regen

  • Hirelings:

    • Act 2 Hirelings:
      • Combat is now ALWAYS Prayer in every difficulty
      • Defense is now ALWAYS a low level Meditation in every difficulty
      • Offense is now ALWAYS Might in every difficulty

    Epic Mod 5.57 (3/11/16)

    • Bosses/Enemies:
      • Diablo: PrimeFirewall level reduced by 10
      • Ancients: Whirlwind level reduced by 4 (it now starts at level 1 in normal)
      • Cows: Reduced HP by 20%, they still have more HP than in unmodded game

    • Resists:
      • Charms no longer have any resists
      • Charms can no longer be gambled for (+skills having a higher chance to spawn now)
      • Reduced the negative resists from normal, nightmare and hell by 20% (since charms no longer provide resists)
        • Normal D2: Normal - 0%, Nightmare - 40%, Hell - 100%
        • Epic Mod D2 before this patch: Normal - 30%, Nightmare - 80%, Hell -140%
        • Epic Mod D2 with this patch: Normal - 10%, Nightmare - 60%, Hell - 120%

    Epic Mod 5.56 (12/28/15)

    • Gambling:
      • Jewel cost to gamble reduced in half
    • Magical Prefixes and Suffixes:
      • Removed some bad prefixes and suffixes so that magical and rare items have a better chance of rolling the good stat categories
      • Adjusted some on attack and get hit skills to be slightly better on magical and rare items

    Epic Mod 5.55 (12/23/15)

    • Druid:
      • Poison Creeper now does double damage

    Epic Mod 5.54 (12/22/15)

    • Sorc:
      • Cold & Fire Damaging spells mana adjusted:
        • mana per level halved and base mana cost doubled
          • this should make the penalty of using a high level spell much less

    Epic Mod 5.53b (12/20/15)

    • Druid:
      • Poison Creeper icon now displays if there are multiple summoned
      • Vines and Spirits now have normalized health similar to wolves and the grizzly, so that their health is consistent between difficulties, AC cut in half
        • They are meant to be up 100% of the time with no maintenance, but hopefully aren't so tanky they can tank a boss by themselves without any help (usually bosses don't focus them)
    • Necromancer:
      • Raise Skeleton changed to 5 skeletons max from the start
        • makes the starting summoning necro much better and keeps the number of summons under control (5 skeletons, 3 skele mage, 3 revive, 1 of each golem)
      • Skeleton Mastery:
        • Skeleton damage per level increased from 4 to 6

    Epic Mod 5.52 (12/17/15)

    • Added weapons back to Summons (including Valkyrie) at level 50 (used to be level 40 and then was taken away because summons were amazing at tanking and damage)
    • Druid:
      • Summons:
        • Spirit wolf max reverted back to 5
        • Dire wolf max reverted back to 3
          • The max amount of pets for druid summoning did not really need the nerf, summons are in a much weaker state than they use to be compared to other choices
        • Poison Creeper:
          • Max pet increased to 3
          • Damage reduced by about 60%
            • this should make poison creeper much more interesting to use
            • still does not benefit from auras like other summons do

    Epic Mod 5.51 (12/15/15)

    • Suffixes:
      • changed the chances as follows:
        • 36/40 chance for 25% add xp
        • 3/40 chance for +1 all skills
        • 1/40 chance for +2 all skills
    • BK, SoJ & Maras all buffed by an additional +1 all skills

    Epic Mod 5.50 (12/13/15)

    • Immolation Arrow:
      • Damage decreased by 15-20%
      • Act 1 Hirelings fire it less frequently
    • Gambling:
      • Halved the cost of all gambling
    • Suffixes:
      • Ease suffixes replaced with 3 new affixes that can appear on armor, weapons, shields & rings:
        • 16/20 chance for 25% additional xp
        • 3/20 chance for +1 all skills
        • 1/20 chance for +2 all skills
      • Note: The rare item will roll suffix groups, and if it rolls into this new suffix group than the chances are as above

    Epic Mod 5.49 (12/13/15)

    • Immolation Arrow:
      • Radius and Damage greatly increased

    Epic Mod 5.48 (12/9/15)

    • Gheed's:
      • added an additional 100% magic find to make magic find gear less important

    Epic Mod 5.47 (12/7/15)

    • Sorc:
      • Warmth: now gives 200% regen on 1st level instead of 100%
      • Nova, Chain Lightning & Lightning now costs half the mana
      • Shiver Armor and Chilling Armor damage doubled
      • Blizzard mana reduced by 10 per level
    • Paladin:
      • Grand Cross: base duration increased by 10x, damage doubled
    • Amazon:
      • Exploding Arrow: damage doubled

    • Fanaticism Aura from Quillbears and Catapults:
      • reduced level from 40 to 25

    Epic Mod 5.46 (12/7/15)

    • Staff of Kings & SuperKhalimFlail now drop in Nightmare and Hell with the beginning monsters

    Epic Mod 5.45 (12/4/15)

    • Prefixes:
      • Chestnut gives hp% and mana% 1-15 for jewels, amulets and rings
      • Maroon gives hp% and mana% 5-20 for armor, weapons and shields

    Epic Mod 5.44 (12/2/15)

    • Chestnut and Maroon prefixes now give mana% and hp% 1-15

    Epic Mod 5.43 (11/30/15)

    • Staff of Kings, Amulet of the Viper & SuperKhalimFlail should now drop along with Gheeds and Constricting for normal early monsters
      • Not sure if this will work for easily navigating nightmare and hell act 2 and act 3

    Epic Mod 5.42c (11/29/15)

    • Countess Tower is even denser and slightly larger in levels 1-4
      • should be a nice minor leveling zone in act 1
    • All level requirements for items, gems, runes, etc. are now gone, items still have an item level which dictates where they can be found
    • Rune changes:
      • El: addxp added in place of ac bonus, 50% for wpn slot and 25% for armor slot
      • Eth: Mana Regen changed to 50% from 15%
      • Io, Lum, Ko, Fal: changed to 25 of each stat instead of 20
      • Mal: Reduction of magic increased to 100 from 20
      • some other minor buffs made to lower level runes and elemental damage
    • 5.42c: bugfix chestnut mod prefix

    Epic Mod 5.41 (11/28/15)

    • Countess Tower now is lower level at the bottom level and goes up by 5 levels each level up, and it is now x2 denser in level 1-4
      • So it is now possible to level a bit in the tower

    Epic Mod 5.40 Season 1: Randomonium  (11/27/15)

    Season 1 is meant to provide some fun in the game and allow new builds based on the random rares and magical items that you may get.  
    Leveling up should be significantly faster through Constricting Ring and Gheed's, which can be obtained immediately.  
    Play through should be slightly easier with Gheed's giving 20 all resist and 10% damage reduction.

    • MagicSuffix: Magical & Rare armor, weapons, rings and amulets now have a chance at rolling +3 to a random skill (used to be only rings and a +1)
    • MagicPrefix: Magical & Rare jewels, armor, weapons, rings and amulets now have a chance at rolling +1 to a random skill
    • Nagel and Manald rings now give a +5 to a random skill (used to be +2)
    • Constricting Ring now only gives 50 energy and 200% mana regen, and drops some of the negative stats, and has a high chance to drop from low level act 1 monsters (zombies, skeletons, etc)
    • Gheed's Fortune now gives +50% xp, 20 to all resist, 10% damage reduction, is always 100% gold find, and has a high chance to drop from low level act 1 monsters
    • Hirelings now level much quicker (should stick with your level much easier)

    Epic Mod 5.36 (9/14/15)

    • Plague Javelin
      • densities doubled, subloop increased from 3 to 4, range increased from 15 to 23
    • Throwing Weapons
      • Repair Quantity changed to speed up fill rate, but DOES NOT work (every 5 secs 1 quantity is replaced)
      • Base throwing weapons now stack up to 500 
    • New Cube Recipe:
      • Add repair quantity to a normal Javelin:
        • Normal Javelin + Eld

    Epic Mod 5.35b (9/9/15)

    • Act Bosses reduced by 7 levels to be 3 higher than original instead of 10
      • should make it so you gain good experience when killing bosses as they wont be too high a level above you
      • b patch reduced duriel and mephisto to lower levels in normal so you can gain the exp
    • Druid
      • Spirit wolves max reduced from 5 to 3
      • Dire wolves max reduced from 3 to 2
        • This should help reduce the power of summons
    •  Necromancer
      • Raise Skeleton
        •  changed the formula from kicking in after level 4 to kicking in after level 1
        •  reduced the bonus from +2 to +1
          • so should only be one less skeleton for necros

    Epic Mod 5.34b (9/5/15)

    • Mana on Kill prefix
      • can now appear on lots of different magical and rare items and it will be a higher amount
    • Necromancer:
      • Bone Spear:
        • Reduced synergy bonus to 6% from 12%, to be in line with double the damage of meteor (was more like 4x)

    Epic Mod 5.33 (8/28/15)

    • Act 1 Hirelings:
      • Slightly reduced the level of multi shot so that upon obtaining a level 6 hireling, she doesn't immediately show you whose boss
    • Amazon Skills:
      • Cold Arrow & Magic Arrow
        • buffed to be similar to fire arrow
      • Exploding Arrow
        • slight buff to keep it relevant
      • Ice Arrow
        • buffed to be similar to exploding
      • Freezing Arrow
        • buffed slightly (damage)
    • Necromancer 
      • Bone Spear
        • no longer has a delay but costs significantly more mana
          • operates similar to sorc skills
            • this move is your single target burst as bone necro

    Epic Mod 5.32 (8/26/15)

    • Gheeds Grand Charm
      • the all stat variance of 10-30 changed to just 10 all stats (slight nerf)
        • this is there to help in rerolling other classes later in the game, making them easier to get going

    Epic Mod 5.31b (8/25/15)

    • Diablo now can drop more varied gear with slight preference toward set items
    • Baal now can drop more varied gear with slight preference toward unique items

    Epic Mod 5.3 (8/23/15)

    • Item Ratio
      • slightly reduced chance for uniques, rares and sets from dropping
    • Quill Bears
      • slightly reduced unique drop chance
      • should be harder to find in normal mode
    • Cows
      • Nightmare cows 5 levels higher
      • normal and nightmare now have same density as hell
    • Runes
      • drop chance slightly reduced
      • reduced lvl requirements
    •  Gheeds Grand Charm
      • magic find static % changed to all stats 10-30 (to help with low level chars and gear requirements) (Gheeds still has magic find gained per level and gold % 1-100)
    •  Constricting Ring
      • negative regen reduced from 50 to 25, negative movement reduced from 10% to 5%
    •  Eld Rune
      • changed Armor bonus from reduced stamina drain to +5 all stats to help with low level chars gear requirements
    •  Iceblink Unique Armor
      • changed to give the skill teleport (disabled the Whisper runeword armor that used to give teleport)
    • Characters
      • base movement speed slightly increased for walking and running
      • running stamina drain reduced

    Epic Mod 5.27 (12/3/14)

    • Durability base on all weapon types increased

    Epic Mod 5.26 (11/24/14)

    • Duration changes to skills to match last patch
    • Assassin:
      • Phoenix Strike Chain Lightning
        • x2 dmg
        • 6 subloops instead of 3
      • Phoenix Strike Chaos Ice
        • x10 or so dmg
      • Claws of Thunder
        • dmg buffed to be in line with Fists of Fire (still needs testing)
      • Blades of Ice
        • radius doubled for 2nd and 3rd lvl
        • dmg buffed to be in line but less than Claws of Thunder & Fists of Fire

    Epic Mod 5.25 (11/22/14)

    • Duration of use and forget buff skills should last longer to be less of an annoyance

    Epic Mod 5.24 (11/20/14)

    • Quill Bears should not show up in Valley of the Kings in normal anymore
    • Quill Bears, less chance in:
      • Blood Moor Nightmare & Hell
      • Valley of the Kings Nightmare & Hell
      • Moo Moo Farm
      • Worldstone Throne Room

    Epic Mod 5.23 (11/19/14)

    • Get Hit Skill on Unique items retuned to hopefully have a bit more cohesive balance
    • Rainbow Facets buffed

    Epic Mod 5.22b (11/18/14)

    • Sorc:
      • Warmth:
        • Mana regen increased by 50%
      • All mana costing damage spells:
        • per level mana cost increased by 2x 
      • Teleport mana cost doubled 
      • Inferno damage boosted by 50% 
      • Meteor per level cost increased by 5x (this was the major spell that was not meant for spam casting as much as other spells) 
      • Blizzard per level cost increased by 4x

    These changes should help balance sorc's when they are able to get very good gear with great regen and mana.

    Epic Mod 5.21b (11/17/14)

    • Sorc:
      • Energy Shield is now tougher to get to the max of 50%
        • 10% Base and 2% per level and at high levels 1% per level
        • Maxed at level 34 at 50%
        • Maxed out at 50% at level 6 before this patch
          • This should make sorceress much less tanky unless you devote a good chunk of skills to energy shield, and even then it won't be as good until high level gear
      • Glacial Spike radius doubled 
    • Adjusted some duration values for Sorceress and Druids to be less annoying (quality of life improvements) on Thunderstorm, Energy Shield, Werewolf, Werebear, etc.

    Epic Mod 5.20 (11/16/14)

    • All unique and set item drops reduced by 25%
    • Assassin:
      • Wake of Inferno should do half the damage
      • Fist of Fire should do double the damage

    Epic Mod 5.19 (11/16/14)

    • Cow Level:
      • Cow level in monsterstats.txt changed to mirror the changes in level.txt
        • makes cows give more xp (especially in normal)
        • might make them slightly tougher

    Epic Mod 5.18b (11/16/14)

    • Drops:
      • Quill Bears now drop 3 items instead of 2 (still preference toward rares over unique and sets)
      • Baal unique drop chance reduced slightly
    • Cow Level:
      • Monster level area now mirrors baal throne room
        • huge increase for normal cows (big xp boost as well)
        • +2 level increase for nightmare and hell
    • The Pit:
      • area level increased from 74 to 80 in hell
        • was nerfed from 85 down to 74 to prevent it as being too abused of a farm area
    • Sorc:
      • Nova and Frost Nova cost x2 mana
      • Firewall damage reduced by a factor of 4 and base mana reduced by 25
        • length reduced from 7 base +2 every lvl to 15 base +0 every lvl
      • Warmth now gives 50% mana recovery base instead of 30% and 15% per level instead of 12% 
      • Meteor Synergy with Fire Ball change to Fire Bolt 
      • Fire Bolt damage doubled
      • Ice Bolt damage now the same as fire bolt, synergy % reduced from 15% to 10%
        • Ice bolt no longer costs mana (same as Fire Bolt)
      • Charged Bolt no longer costs mana
        • Charged bolt has an additional synergy with Chain Lightning
        • Synergy damage reduced from 10% to 4%
          • This should help charged bolt scale about the same at high levels but take longer to reach maximum damage
      • Frozen Orb:
        • Increased synergy damage from 2% to 4%
        • Added glacial spike synergy

    Epic Mod 5.17 (11/15/14)

    • Assassin:
      • Dragon Claw changed from 50% dmg base to 100% and changed per level dmg bonus from 5% to 20%
      • Fists of Fire radius of explosion increased from 4 to 16, radius of firewall fragments increased from 4 to 16
        • fire damage increased by 5x
      • Dragon Tail radius increased from 6 to 18

    Epic Mod 5.16b (11/15/14)

    • Quill Bears:
      • The revenge of the Quill Bears should now be over.  Instead of them hunting you in every zone you should have to go out of your way to hunt Quill Bears with a few exceptions.
      • No longer should show up in the act 5 portals (Abaddon & other) where you can easily range them
      • Scarcity when quill bears are picked in a zone reduced from 5% to 3%, so there will be less packs in that zone or none at all

    Epic Mod 5.15 (11/14/14)

    • Unique Rings:
      • Stone of Jordan and Bul Kathos ring slightly rarer
      • Nagel and Manald slightly less rare
    • Magical & Rare Suffix Dawn and Sunlight now give +1 random skill on rings
    • Healing potions, mana potions & rejuvenations have better scaling
      • Super healings are the first potions that drop now

    Epic Mod 5.14 (11/14/14)

    • Druid:
      • Vines and Sages no longer have infinitely large health pools from the start
        • health scale based on difficulty 1k base in normal, 2k nightmare, 3k hell
        • 20% more health per level scaling on top of base
      • These changes should make it so vines and sages don't feel overpowered tanking wise in the beginning and yet can still hold up in end game content.

    Epic Mod 5.13 (11/4/14)

    • Constricting Rings penalties reduced to encourage use
    • Nagel and Manald unique rings changed up a bit for some randomness flavor
    • Natures Peace ring changed up a bit
    • Druid: Volcano skill now does x5 damage but has a 100 delay

    Epic Mod 5.12 (11/4/14)

    • Necromancer: Bone Spear skill now does x10 damage but has a 100 delay on it (same as Impale)

    Epic Mod 5.11 (7/23/14)

    • Buffed: Stoutnail get hit skill changed to Blade Sentinel from Holy Bolt
    • Nerfed: early, mid and late magic suffixes that give get hit skill (from lvl 20 to lvl 10 in the early game, from lvl 30 to lvl 20 in the mid game and from lvl 40 to lvl 35 in the late game), and made them more expensive, these nerfs only affect magic and rare items
    • Bufffed: damage amplification weapon suffix by x4

    Epic Mod 5.10 (D2 never gets old) (7/4/14)

    • Higher level rune drop chance increased by 25%
    • Unique items drop chance reduced by 25%
    • The Ancients Whirlwind skill reduced by 10 levels (was way to one shottie)
    • Druid and Necromancer summons (and even Amazon's Valkryie) at level 40 now no longer get the unique weapon (they still get the unique armor though)
      • Summoners were doing way too much damage and had way too much survivability

    Epic Mod 5.02b (10/09/13)

    • Annihilus can now drop more than once in a game (bugfix)

    Epic Mod 5.02 (9/30/13)

    • Annihilus slightly changed
      • now gives +2 all skills and +3 skills to a random class
      • also, diablo clone now drops 2, so kill him with a friend and don't fight now

     Epic Mod 5.0d (9/30/13)

    • Diablo Clone and Uber Trist slightly buffed
    • The Stone of Jordan chance of dropping slightly buffed

     Epic Mod 5.0b (9/29/13)

    • Bugfix Diablo Clone
      • Halved health so that health would not be so large that it would reset to 0

     Epic Mod 5.0 (9/29/13)

    • Baal:
      • Should now drop all unique items no matter magic find
    • Diablo:
      • Should now drop all set items no matter magic find
    • Druid:
      • Volcano damage cut in half and synergies reduced from 2% to 1%
      • Tornado synergy damage upped from 6% to 8%
      • Molten Boulder synergy damage upped from 6% to 8%
      • Hurricane synergy damage upped from 4% to 6%
      • Firestorm synergy damage upped from 1% to 2%
      • Firestorm and Fissure now give 4 mana per level instead of only 2
      • Dire Wolves and Grizzly delay removed but mana cost increased significantly

    •  Necromancer:
      • Skeleton Mastery now gives Skeleton 50 hit points per level instead of 10
      • Bone Wall and Bone Spirit now give 4 mana per level instead of only 2
      • Terror delay removed
      • Golems delay removed but mana cost increased significantly  

    • Amazon:
      • Valkyrie delay removed and mana cost increased

     Epic Mod 4.99b (9/28/13)

    • Cows now should drop half the amount of stuff but have a better chance of dropping uniques, sets and rares (sets are still preference for cows)
    • Hirelings:
      • Act 2 Mercs:
        • Resists are now 20% higher at every lvl
        • Health gained per level after level 43 is 50% more
          • This should really help with act 2 survivability, especially since they don't regen quickly like act 5 mercs
      • Act 3 Mercs:
        • Defense x2
        • Health x2

    Epic Mod 4.98e (9/27/13)

    • Druid:
      • Replaced Summon Grizzly synergy with Cyclone Armor synergy in Elemental skill tree
      • Reduced Cyclone Armor synergy with cold skills from 10% to 2% 
      • Oak Sage base health halved so that it does not hit the max health pool at high skill levels and instantly die

    Epic Mod 4.97 (9/27/13)

    • Necro:
      • Replaced Skeleton Mastery synergy in the Bone and Poison Tree with Bone Armor or Lower Resist
      • Teeth damage synergy upped from 6% to 9%
      • Poison Dagger damage synergy upped from 5% to 8%
      • Poison Explosion damage synergy upped from 5% to 8%
      • Bone Spear damage synergy upped from 8% to 12%
      • Poison Nova damage synergy upped from 5% to 8%
      • Bone Spirit damage synergy upped from 1% to 2%

    Epic Mod 4.96 (9/13/13)

    • Annihilus and Hellfire Torch swapped rolls
      • Now Annihilus has random class skills on it since it is much easier to obtain

    Epic Mod 4.95b (8/29/13)

    Boss Fights
    • All Act Boss and Quill Bear levels increased by 10
      • This should help increase experience gains
      • This will help produce better boss drops
      • This shouldn't effect their difficulty much
        • Only Diablo Normal and Baal all modes did not get the +10 levels because they were already much higher in level comparatively
    • All Boss experience adjusted so that the cap is not breached
      • This should fix the bug that some bosses don't give experience at all when you are around their level

    Epic Mod 4.94b (8/28/13)

    Boss Fights
    • Normal mode bosses now have x2 health from original game
      • Nightmare and Hell were already buffed to x2
    • All act bosses in all modes now give x20 more experience to reward their toughness

    Epic Mod 4.93c (8/10/13)

    • Death no longer reduces experience by 74% in all difficulties, new values below
      •   0% in Normal
      • -10% in Nightmare
      • -20% in Hell

    Quill Bears
    • Can no longer spawn in the Blood Moor in normal
      • that was an accident

    Unique Items
    • Constricting Ring
      • Bonus Exp doubled, negative effects reduced
    • Fire Bolt and Ice Bolt damage doubled

    Magic Suffixes
    • On hit and on attack procs lowered by 10 levels
      • They were a bit too powerful, especially in early stages

    Epic Mod 4.92 (8/4/13)

    Cow Level

    • Cow health reduced by 25-30% HP in all difficulties
    • On death spells removed
    Misc Monsters
    • Overseer type monsters on death removed (was meteor)

    • 100 extra base mana cost on Blizzard and Meteor since those two ablities had a pretty significant cast delay
      • Blizzard 50 -> 150
      • Meteor 100 -> 200


    • Teeth mana cost reduced from 3 per lvl to 2 per lvl
    • Corpse Explosion base mana cost reduced from 15 to 10, mana cost of 3 per lvl reduced to 2 per lvl
    • Bone Spear base mana reduced from 20 to 15, lvl reduced from 4 to 3
    • Poison Nova base mana cost reduced from 50 to 5

    Epic Mod 4.91b (7/3/13)

    • Blaze:
      • Duration increased (tooltip refers to on the ground fire lasting I believe)
      • Damage x2
      • Mana cost increased
    • Fire Wall:
      • Damage x2
      • Mana cost increased by 25

    Epic Mod 4.90b (7/1/13)

    • Thunderstorm damage increased by about 50%

    • Sur Rune armor socket buffed from 10% mana to 20% mana
    • Ber Rune armor socket buffed from 8% reduction of damage to 10% reduction of damage
    • Jah Rune armor socket buffed from 5% hp to 10% hp

    • Annihilus Charm and Hellfire Torch should no longer possibly drop from normal mobs (oops)
      • Had decreased their item level to test them out when I buffed them

    Epic Mod 4.89 (6/30/13)
    Sorc Redone

    Sorc damage buffs are only in synergies to keep it a buff to only Sorc's
    • Fire Bolt no longer costs any mana
      • This should help a beginning sorc with no gear be able to do something other than melee
    • Frost Nova synergy damage doubled
    • Fireball synergy damage buffed from 4% to 6%
    • Lightning synergy damage doubled 
      • Lightning mana cost doubled
    • Chain Lightning synergy damage buffed from 2% to 10% (x5!)
      • Chain Lightning mana cost x4!
    • Firewall delay removed!
      • Mana cost doubled
    • Meteor delay removed!
      • Mana cost doubled
    • Blizzard delay removed!
      • Mana cost doubled
    • Hyrda delay removed! (was hardly anything)
      • Mana cost increased slightly
    • Frozen Orb delay removed!
      • Mana cost doubled

    I realize there is still no easy way to get back mana as a sorc besides Warmth, mana on kill, etc.  Not sure if there is anything I want to do about that or not. But I thought the delay on most of the skills were just wait times, now, you just end up waiting for your mana to come back, which improves with gear (wait times do not).

    Epic Mod 4.88 (6/19/13)

    • Barbarians buffed
      • Low Level Battle Orders and Battle Command added to the Barbarian Hireling to make them more competitive to the other hirelings

    Epic Mod 4.87 (6/19/13)

    Damage on Items
    • DMG property changed to DMG-NORM for all unique, set and runeword items
      • this will not change the actual damage bonus of the item for characters
        • hirelings do not benefit from the dmg property (I was accidentally using this property more than blizzard ever did) but do benefit from dmg-norm

    Epic Mod 4.86 (6/18/13)

    Summon Health
    • 10% reduction in base health (it was pretty close, I think this should do it)

    Misc Tweaks
    • Jewel gamble cost reduced in half to match what other prices are

    Epic Mod 4.85b (6/15/13)

    Misc Tweaks

    In Town
    • Teleport is now usable in town

    End Game Gear
    • Annihilus & Hellfire Torch buffed
      • Items should be a significant buff to warrant their degree of difficulty
    • Uber Andariel, Duriel and Izual now drop more than just their organ
    • Annihilus Diablo now drops more than just annihilus
      • These two changes should work but need to be tested

    Cow Level
    • The cow level is now more of a set item area
      • Set item chance of dropping increased by x2

    Farming Notes:

    Quill Bears drop Baal quality gear, 2 drops per a Quill Bear, Rare preference
    Cows drop Set preference
    Ubers and Diablo Clone drop unique all
    Countess drops 3 runes every time


    Epic Mod 4.84 (6/15/13)

    Misc Tweaks

    Summon Health Nerf
    • All summons base health reduced by 15%
      • Summon armies were slightly too durable
    • Valkyrie now in line with other major summons (golems & bear)
      • Reduced Dopple synergy from 20% to 5%

    • 20% chance of Rare Item (was 10%)
    • 2% chance of Set Item (was 1%)
    • 1% chance of Unique Item (was 0.5%)

    • Item ratio for Rare Items changed (better chance)
      • Now rares have the same chance as Uniques
        • MF still scales Rares x2 as much as Uniques
    • Item ratio for Magic Items finally fixed

    • Fist of the Heavens radius on clicking back to original
      • makes it easier to click enemies

    Epic Mod 4.83 (6/15/13)

    Small Treasure Tweaks

    Treasure Drops:
    • Quill Bear drop chance for rares buffed (this should not affect unique and set drop chance on them)
        • Changed stat from 950 to 1000 (just noting for myself)
    • Laying on Hands gloves slightly buffed (from level 25 Holy Bolt to level 40)
    • Runeword Splendor buffed to x2 Magic Find and Gold Find
      • Updated runeword spreadsheet to match


    Epic Mod 4.82 (6/10/13)

    Big Treasure Tweaks

    Treasure Drops:
    • Quill Bear drop chance for uniques, sets, rares buffed
      • Not quite back to where they were
        • Changed stat from 900 to 950 (just noting for myself)

    Dungeon Changes:
    • Overhaul of The Pit in Hell (NERF)
      • It no longer is an infinite high level area best and only place to farm in Hell
        • You can still find Quill Bears there
    • Act 1 has been toned in area levels in Hell so that no place in act 1 except for the Moo Moo farm is maxed at 85

    Farming in Hell is still possible, but later acts will provide more reward.  Should help make it so one spot isn't the be all farm spot.

    Epic Mod 4.81 (6/8/13)

    Tweaking Summons (Problem with too high of base health and low scaling, overpowered early on)

    • Summon Dire Wolf Health bonus to all summons increased from 2% per level to 10% per level
    • Base Health of summons reduced significantly
      • Spirit Wolf base health reduced from 3k to 1k
      • Dire Wolf base health reduced from 6k to 2k
      • Bear base health reduced from 8k to 4k

    • Raise Skeleton & Skeleton Mage hp% per level increased from 2% to 10%
    • Skeleton Mastery 100 additional hit points per level reduced to 10
    • Golem Mastery hp% per level increased from 2% to 10%
    • Base Health of golems reduced:
      • Blood, Iron & Fire reduced from 8k base to 4k base

    4.80c PATCH (old patch):
    Level 20:
    Spirit Wolves should be 4.5k health
    Dire Wolves should be 9k health
    Skeletons and Skeleton Mages should be around 4.2k health

    Level 40:
    Spirit Wolves should top out at 5.7k health
    Dire Wolves should top out at 11.4k health
    Skeletons and Skeleton Mages should top out around 9k health

    4.81 PATCH (new patch):
    Level 20:
    Spirit Wolves should be 3k health
    Dire Wolves should be 6k health
    Bear should be at 12k
    Skeletons and Skeleton Mages should be around 3.6k health
    Golems should be at 12k with golem mastery (clay at 16k if at lvl 20)

    Level 40:
    Spirit Wolves should top out at 5k health
    Dire Wolves should top out at 10k health
    Bear should be at 20k
    Skeletons and Skeleton Mages should top out around 7k health
    Golems should be at 20k with golem mastery  (clay at 28k if at lvl 40)

    Epic Mod 4.80c (6/8/13)


    • Armor gamble cost reduced in half
      • This should make it so gambling for armor isn't a waste compared to gambling for amulets and rings


    • Corpse Explosion:
      • Mana increased from base of 10 to 15, per level from 1 to 3
        • This abilities mana was not touched when the mana changes happened, now it should steadily drain mana
    • Raise Skeleton bonus of 5% per level health reduced to 2%
    • Raise Skeleton Mage bonus of 7% per level health reduced to 2%
      • Skeletons were a bit too high in health compared to other summons

    • Spirit Wolves:
      • no longer have a delay (was 1 second)
      • cost much more mana (20 base, 10 per level)
      • base health doubled (was 1.5k, now 3k)
    • Dire Wolves:
      • base health increased (was 2.5k, now 6k)

    Epic Mod 4.79d (6/8/13)



    • Volcano:
      • delay between debris increased from 2 to 3 (50% nerf to damage)
    • Summon Dire Wolf
      • Hit Point % bonus per level reduced from 5% to 2%
    • All summons base health doubled 

    • Raise Skeleton:
      • 50% HP bonus per level reduced to 5%
    • Golem Mastery:
      • 100% HP bonus per level changed to 10% base and 2% per level
    • Clay Golem:
      • 70% HP per level reduced to 5% HP
    • Skeletons & Golems base health multiplied by 10 and then some

    • Delirium:
      • Level 14 Mind Blast changed to level 40, updated spreadsheet with change

    Epic Mod 4.78 (6/6/13)


    Druid & Necromancer mana gainer abilities mana gain doubled

    Paladin Prayer aura amount healed doubled

    Monster Prayer aura level halved (towers and such)

    Epic Mod 4.77c (6/4/13)


    Necromancer Terror ability now scales with more skill levels, works exactly like Druid Shockwave

    Updated Runeword excel sheet to note that Infinity and Insight only require a 4 socket weapon.

    Epic Mod 4.77b (6/3/13)

    Necromancer Poison and Bone Overhaul

    Note: monstats, skills, skillsdesc changed

    • Terror:
      • Radius increased by 5x, no longer gains duration per level, increased delay to 15 seconds (was 0)
    • Bone Wall:
      • Base health increased x2, health per level cut in half, difficulty should not matter
      • Mana Gainer: +10 mana base, +1 per level 
    • Teeth:
      • Mana cost increased from base of 5 to 10, per level cost of 1 to 3
      • Added synergy to Bone Wall
      • Synergy damage increased from 5% to 6%
    •  Poison Dagger & Poison Explosion:
      • Added synergy to Bone Wall
    • Bone Spear:
      • Mana cost increased from base of 5 to 20, per level cost of .5 to 4
      • Added synergy to Bone Wall
      • Synergy damage increased from 5% to 8%
    •  Poison Nova:
      • Mana cost increased from base of 20 to 50, per level cost of 2 to 5
      • Added synergy to Bone Wall & Bone Spirit
    •  Bone Spirit:
      • Mana Gainer: +10 mana base, +1 per level
      • Synergy Damage reduced from 5% to 1%
      • Added synergy to Bone Wall & Poison Nova

    •  Molten Boulder:
      • Synergy damage reduced from 8% to 6%
    •  Volcano:
      • Synergy damage reduced from 4% to 2%

    •  Holy Fire & Holy Shock:
      • Reduced bonus melee damage by half
        • Too strong of a single target ability that is meant for AoE

    Epic Mod 4.76 (6/1/13)

    Druid Fire Elemental Overhaul
    • Firestorm & Fissure now give mana on casting!
      • They give 10 mana per cast base, +1 mana per level
      • Damage synergy reduced from 4% to 1%
        • That should make these abilities significantly weaker, now that they are mana positive abilities
    • Volcano mana base and per level mana cost doubled, cooldown removed
      • Mana cost was base 50 + 5 per level, now it is base 100 + 10 per level
    • Molten Boulder mana base and per level mana cost more than doubled, cooldown removed
      • Mana cost was base 20 + 2 per level, now it is base 50 + 5 per level
      • Molten Boulder now is synergized with Fissure instead of Volcano
    • Fissure synergy with Firestorm changed to Molten Boulder
    • Firestorm synergy with Fissure changed to Volcano
    This might be an interesting way to handle casters, similar to D3.  Will have to test but I think this could be real interesting.  Basically as a Fire Druid you can either go Volcano or Molten Boulder and support them with either Firestorm or Fissure, whatever style you like.

    Epic Mod 4.75 (6/1/13)

    Druid Elemental Changes
    • Volcano:
      • Removed Molten Boulder synergy and replaced it with Firestorm
        • This should enable a Volcano Druid to cast Firestorm on the downtime of Volcano

    Epic Mod 4.74 (5/28/13)

    Gambling Overhaul
    • Rare chance reduced from 25% to 10%
    • Unique chance reduced from 8% to 0.5%
    • Set chance reduced from 12% to 1%

    Epic Mod 4.73 (5/27/13)

    Treasure Adjustment
    • Quillbear drops slightly reduced
      • not amount but the chance of it being unique or set
    • Council drops reduced in half and lowered to 2 drops each (was 3 drops)
      • best farm spot by far was trist runs
    • Rune Drop Chance 50% tougher
      • Now in line with Unique and Set drop chance nerf

    Epic Mod 4.72f (5/27/13)

    Item Ratio Tuning

    • Unique and Sets made slightly rarer (20%)
      • Effectively makes them 50% less likely than before these patches these past 2 days
    • Rare items rarer
    • Magical and Rare Items will still be more prevalent than Uniques as item level and monster level favors them in certain circumstances that are complicated, this is especially true for magical items
    Base Chance Item Ratio with this patch:
    1/150 Unique
    1/100 Set
    1/225 Rare

    200% MF
    1/135 Unique
    1/70 Set
    1/150 Rare

    300% MF
    1/110 Unique
    1/53 Set
    1/113 Rare
    1/167 Magical

    500% MF
    1/90 Unique
    1/40 Set
    1/83 Rare

    750% MF
    1/80 Unique
    1/33 Set
    1/68 Rare
    1/67 Magical

    1000% MF
    1/75 Unique
    1/30 Set
    1/60 Rare

    • Magic find should now work exactly like in normal D2:

    Epic Mod 4.72d (5/27/13)

    Rare Tuning

    • Took out some magic suffixes that dealt with charges
      • Only remaining charges that can be found are Enchant and Teleport

    Epic Mod 4.72c (5/27/13)

    Rare Tuning

    • Frequency of Resist All appearing in magical and rares reduced by quite a bit (divided by 4 to 5)
    • Adjusted some level and level requirements on some properties

    Epic Mod 4.72b (5/27/13)

    Item Ratio Fix

    • Rares Items should now be dropping about the same as Uniques as intended
    • Unique and Set items base chance of dropping reduced by 25%

    Epic Mod 4.72 (5/27/13)

    Gambling Nerf

    • Gold amount in drops from non bosses reduced in half
      • This should make gambling a bit tougher as it got a big boost now that magical and rare items are much better

    Epic Mod 4.71 (5/27/13)

    Item Ratio
    • Reduced base chance for Rares Items

    Epic Mod 4.70 (Rares Redone) (5/27/13)

    Magical and Rare Items
    Note: Charms excluded to make sure inventory doesn't suffer from charm bloat

    • AC x2
    • Magic & Damage Reduction x10
    • Damage x2
    • Damage to Mana x2
    • Attack Rating x5
    • Light x3
    • Magic% x2
    • Gold% x2
    • Mana x5
    • HP x5
    • Resists x2
    • Mana per Kill x3
    • Absorb Fire/Lightning/Cold made spawnable and x10 (not percentage)
    • Swing Speed x2
    • Block x2
    • Cast Rate x2
    • Stats x2
    • Balance x2
    • Regen x5
    • Life and Mana Steal x2
    • Movement Speed x2
    • Repair Quantity (throwing weapons) x2 (should make them come back twice as fast)
    • Hit Skill / Attack Skill / Get Hit Skill x10 level of ability

    Epic Mod 4.61b (5/27/13)


    • All Gems & Runes level requirement reduced by 10 

    •  Fire Blast radius increased by 3x
      • With the damage increase in a previous patch this ability can now actually be used effectively (and it's fun!) increasing the choices an Assassin has

    Epic Mod 4.60b (Return of the D2) (5/23/13)


    • Molten Boulder:
      • Damage reduced by 1/2 while synergy doubled
        • Should keep damage the same at higher levels while nerfing the damage at lower levels

    • Fire Blast:
      • Damage quadrupled while synergy dropped from 9% to 4%
        • Should make skill interesting while not making it overpowered late game
    •  Mind Blast:
      • Damage increased significantly
        • Still probably a worthless skill
    •  Shock Web:
      • Damage quadrupled while synergy dropped from 11% to 5%
        • Should make skill interesting while not making it overpowered late game
    • Charged Bolt Sentry:
      • Damage doubled to keep in line with Wake of Fire Sentry that was buffed a long time ago in Epic Mod
    •  Inferno Sentry
      • Damage increased by 8x to more closely match Lightning Sentry
        • This change will probably have to be tested to see if it was too much

    Monster Death:

    • Molten Boulder on death skill increased by a bit to compensate for 1/2 damage reduction noted above
    Set, Unique & Runeword items that have Molten Boulder in them buffed to deal with the 1/2 damage reduction:
    They now have a Molten Boulder that is 10 levels higher.

    Epic Mod 4.55 (The Great Socket Patch) (8/30/12)

    • Chaos Runeword changed:
      • removed on hit procs
      • whirlwind buffed to lvl 15 (was 10)
      • increased attack speed buffed to 70% (was 35%)
      • increased enhanced dmg by 50%
      • added 100-150 dmg
    • Also updated this in the new excel spreadsheet (credit goes to Nate)

    Epic Mod 4.54b (The Great Socket Patch) (8/29/12)

    • Fal Mal Gul requirement to socket Unique and Set items changed to be easier:
      • now requires Io, Lum, Ko, Fal

    Epic Mod 4.53 (8/28/12)

    • Earth Spirit +2-3 Druid skills changed to +1-2 Druid Skills and +1 to Druid Summoning Skills
    • Steel Shade changed up
    • Mana Steal added to Bul-Kathos

    Epic Mod 4.52 (8/27/12)

    • Act 3 Hirelings:
      • +30 Dex & +50 Str
        • This should help them be able to wear more gear and be more in line with Hirelings from other acts
    • Paladin Sacrifice & Druid Feral Rage duration increased x10

    Epic Mod 4.51d (8/27/12)

    • Soul Drainer gloves:
      • changed from Conviction to +1 skill for a total of +2 all skills
      • mana-kill increased to 50 (was 20)
    • Marrowwalk boots:
      • mana-kill increased to 50 (was 15)
    •  Arachnid Mesh belt:
      • +skills increased to 2 from 1
      • mana-kill increased to 50 (was 25)
    • Verdungo's belt
      • Vitality changed to +HP 25%
      • health regen changed to heal on kill 100 
      • Damage Reduction % variance removed, now always 25% (was 20-25%) 
      • Added 200 Reduction of Damage (4.51b)
    • Nosferatu's belt
      • Strength +50 changed to all stats +50
      • mana-kill changed to hit-skill 4% chance lvl 40 fist of the heavens
      • 50% increased attack speed changed to gethit-skill 8% chance lvl 40 fist of the heavens
    • Wisp ring slightly nerfed (lvl 50 fist of the heavens to lvl 40)
    • Bloodraven's Charge
      • added oskill in Skeleton Mastery and Summon Resist in line with the lvl 15 revive
    • Bloodmoon
      • added oskill in Golem Mastery and Summon Resist in line with the lvl 15 Blood Golem
    • Metalgrid
      • added oskill in Golem Mastery and Summon Resist in line with the lvl 15 Fire Golem 
    • Crown of Ages
      • Damage Reduction% variance removed, now always 15% (was 10-15%) 
    • Atma's Scarab amulet slightly buffed (4.51c)
    • Messerchmidt's Reaver slightly buffed (4.51c)
    • Druid:
      • Poison Creeper health buffed to x4 (now in line with other vines) (4.51c)
      • Poison Creeper damage buffed to x2 (now not as worthless) (4.51c)
      • Volcano:
        • Damage doubled
        • Cooldown tripled
        • Mana cost per level increased to 5 (was 2)
          • Should now function more like big boom

    Epic Mod 4.50 (8/26/12)

    • Marrowalk and Shadow Dancer boots buffed to 30 all resist from 20 (Sandstorm is still 30-40)
    • Amazon: Plague Javelin buffed to x2 dmg
    • Necro & Druid: Bone Armor and Cyclone Armor x2.5 absorb but /2.5 synergies
    • Soul Drainer switched from oskill lvl 10 Lower Resist to aura lvl 17 Conviction (matches Infinity)

    Epic Mod 4.49d (8/25/12)

    • Throwing Weapons buffed
    • Stack size increases on all Unique Throwing Weapons & Javelins (500 Stack Size)
    • Horizon's Tornado & Windhammer slightly buffed (on hit skill improved to lvl 40)
    • Druid: Mana Steal Vine buffed 2.5x 
    • Barbarian: Whirlwind mana cost reduced in half

    Epic Mod 4.49 (8/22/12)

    • All Class Specific Uniques looked at
      • Some slightly changed
      • Two changed significantly: Necro Boneflame & Druid Spirit Keeper (both are now similar)
      • Amazon Javelins (Titan's and TStrokes) changed to replenishes quantity 1 every 1 second (was every 3 seconds) and increased Stack Size of 170 (was 60 for Titans)
        • Not sure if either of these changes will work, need to test them out, when we get the drops we will find out

    Epic Mod 4.48 (8/21/12)

    • All Sorc, Necro & Druid Spells that are affected by Faster Cast Rate now cost less mana (similar to Fist of the Heavens)
    • Druid:
      • Armageddon is now a synergy on all Fire Spells
      • Fissure's damage buffed to x2, radius increased by 50% and missile delay reduced from 5 to 4
      • Twister buffed from 3 to 5 twisters (should help make this stun move a little better)
      • Molten Boulder buffed to x2 damage 
    • Nord's Tenderizer no longer has charges of lvl 40 Blizzard, instead it has on hit 15% chance of lvl 40 Blizzard
    • Corpsemourne armor changed from charged lvl 20 Corpse Explode to oskill level 10
    • Radimant's Sphere changed from charged Poison Explode to oskill level 10
    • Bloodmoon changed from charged lvl 30 Blood Golem to oskill level 15
    • Demonlimb changed from charged lvl 30 Enchant to hit-skill level 30 enchant 5% chance
    • Nature's Peace changed from charged lvl 30 Oak Sage to oskill lvl 15, resist poison changed to all resist
    • Wisp Ring redone
    • Gargoyle's Bite charge changed to oskill lvl 15 (plague javelin)
    • Hellrack charged Immolation Arrow changed to oskill lvl 15
    • Bloodraven's Charge charged Revive changed to oskill lvl 15
    • Wolfhowl summon dire wolves charge changed to oskill lvl 15
    • Metalgrid Fire Golem charges changed to oskill lvl 15
    • Earthshifter charges changed to oskill lvl 15 (Volcano)
    • Bonehew charges changed to oskill lvl 15 (Corpse Explode)
    • Elite Unique Belts slightly buffed (Nosferatu's, Verdungo's & Arachnid's)
    • Marrowalk Boots slightly buffed (up to 20 all resist from 10)
    • Shadow Dancer boots slightly buffed (up to 20 all resist from 10)
    • Elite Unique Gloves slightly buffed (Dracul, Soul Drainer & Steelrend)
    • Giant Skull slightly buffed

    Epic Mod 4.45 (8/20/12)

    • Druid:
      • Armageddon now does x2 fire damage and x4 physical damage (physical damage has no synergies)
      • Armageddon and Hurricane last 4x longer base

    Epic Mod 4.44 (8/19/12)

    • All melee skills have had their on hit and hit per level increased if they were low (100 base, 25 per lvl)
      • This should help melee land hits more frequently without getting a ton of Dex or Attack Rating gear 
    • Hirelings:
      • Act 3 Conviction aura changed from a scaled Conviction, ended up around lvl 10-11 at very high level merc (without +skill gear), to a flat Conviction lvl 3 so that +skills on an Act 3 merc is vital for a decent Conviction aura (and makes Infinity that much better)   
      • Act 5 War Cry chance reduced from 15% to 10%, level of War Cry scaling reduced so that Barb cannot stun lock everything as easily, still should be best tank, just not best by a mile hopefully
    • Runewords again updated and refreshed to be good, and they now have an excel spreadsheet (on runeword page)
      • Sur Rune changed to 10% Mana on Armor and Shields (was 5% mana on Armor and 50 mana on Shields)
      • Jah Rune changed to 5% HP on Shields (was 150 health on shields)
    •  Paladin:
      • Fist of the Heavens will no longer target nearby creatures (have to actually clickly on them)
      • Holy Fire/Freeze/Shock on hit weapon damage decreased by 30%
      • Sacrifice redone: Now mirrors Druid Feral Rage ability

    Epic Mod 4.42 (8/19/12)

    • Paladin: 
      • All Paladin auras except for Holy Fire/Shock/Freeze, Vigor (was already increased awhile ago), Sanctuary, Conviction  base aura range doubled and radius per level increased from 2 to 3
        • Fanatacism increased much more to match other Paladin normal auras, this might have some unintended consequences of making Quill Bear fanat much wider range
      • Sacrifice changed to be slightly more interesting (100% dmg per lvl), synergies reduced to 1%, Damage to Self increased to 10%
      • Holy Fire buffed by 40% to encourage its use in parity with Holy Shock, Holy Shock still does more damage (about 20% on average) but highly variable
      • Holy Freeze damage increased to be half the damage of Holy Fire to encourage use
      • Fend damage doubled and attack rating bonus x10 (in line with Impale)
      • Charged Strike damage nerfed by a factor of 5 (should be in somewhat of a good range hopefully) 
      • 4.39 Stuff:
        • Freezing Arrow Mana cost reduced a ton
        • Slow Missile radius and radius per lvl buffed x3, and velocity now also scales per level
        • Hirelings in Act3 redone, All of them are the same and much less annoying and maybe even good 
      • 4.41 Stuff:
        • Hireling in Act3 redone, Prayer changed to a very low Conviction aura
      • 4.42 Stuff:
        • Elite Unique Armor slightly buffed again
        • Dol Rune changed to be 50 Life on Kill

    Epic Mod Softcore 4.34 (8/14/12)

    • Gheed's Grand Charm no longer gives:
      • 10-25% HP
      • 10-25% All Resist
    • Gheed's Grand Charm only gives the following:
      • 1-50% Magic Find
      • 1-100% Gold Find
      • 1/3 the MF per level it used to 
    • 4.31 bugfix with EXP on Deat
    • 4.32 Amazon: Plague Javelin and Poison Javelin buffed
    • 4.33 Amazon: Plague Javelin and Poison Javelin slightly buffed 
    • 4.34 Amazon: Lots of Javelin skills buffed (the crappier ones) and Fire Arrow no longer has a delay
     The only difference between Hardcore and Softcore mode is Gheed's Grand Charm.  The Gheed's in Hardcore mode is much better to help the player survive and be able to magic find and gold find much easier.

    Epic Mod Hardcore 4.30 (8/13/12)

    • Rare Grand Charms now can give +skills
    • Mid level unique armor and weapons slightly buffed
    • Experience on death penalty increased to 200% (not sure what any % over 100% will do, I'm guessing you cannot lose a level from death, of course this only matters on softcore) 
    • Mercenaries always do 25% dmg to bosses (was higher in normal and nightmare)
    • Mana per Energy buffed x2 for Sorc, Druid, Necro, Pally
    • Constricting Ring should now reduce Vitality by 25 instead of all stats by 25
    • Necromancer: Revive cost is now 1/4 the mana

    Epic Mod Hardcore 4.25 (8/3/12)

    • Rainbow Facets slightly buffed
    • Annihilus buffed (+2 skills among other stat buffs, variance taken out)
    • Hellfire Torch slightly buffed (removed variance)
    • Reduction of Damage (not Damage Reduction %) buffed in all gear (x2)
      • This should slightly help make gear that has a damage reduction number slightly better since physical damage is very dangerous and that gear should be a way to slightly counter that

    Epic Mod Hardcore 4.24 (8/2/12)

    • Necromancer: Revive skill description now says 3 revives instead of 1

    Epic Mod Hardcore 4.23 (8/1/12)

    • Necromancer: Revive now allows 3 revives instead of 1
    • Elite Unique Armor and Shields slightly buffed 

    Epic Mod Hardcore 4.22 (7/21/12)

    • Dwarf Star Ring buffed and redone:
      • Main stat is now 10-50 all resists to help prevent all gear being about how much all resists they have (now you have some more choices)
      • Other stats are nice too and do not have a variance like the main stat

    Epic Mod Hardcore 4.21 (7/15/12) 

    • All Hirelings health per level doubled
    • Amazon Freezing Arrow radius tripled (should affect Act 1 Cold Hireling as well)
    • Paladin Fist of the Heavens AoE Magic damage reduced by 25%, mana cost slightly increased (4.21)
    • Infernal Set nerfed (halved the Vitality, removed 1 Necro Skill, halved Full Set Resists)
    • Iratha Set slightly nerfed (5% max Resists instead of 10%)
    • End Game Sets slightly nerfed (full sets now give only 2 skill bonus instead of 3, and full sets only give 30 all resists instead of 50), this should encourage more unique item play
    • (4.19) Jewel gambling cost doubled (should make getting a Rainbow Facet once lvl 80 a little more difficult)
    • (4.20) Barbarian Natural Resist nerfed from 25% base and 3% per level to 10% base and 2% per level

    Epic Mod Hardcore 4.15 (6/28/12) 

    • Necromancer:  Poison Nova duration reduced to 4 seconds (was 6 seconds), this should be a 50% buff to damage

    Epic Mod Hardcore 4.13 (6/26/12)

    • Item ratio slightly nerfed again 1.33x (Unique items now 1 out of 100 and Set items now 1 out of 64

    Epic Mod Hardcore 4.12 (6/26/12) 

    • Runeword Dragon (SurLoSol) changed from proccing Hydra on hit to proccing Molten Boulder and Venom on gethit changed to Poison Nova
    • Unique items that had a chance of proccing Hydra changed to Molten Boulder
      • These changes were done because proccing Hydra doesn't work as it disappears as soon as the mob that spawned it dies
    • Item ratio changed slightly (unique and set items might be slightly too easily found)
      • 50% nerf
        • Unique items were 1 out of 50, now 1 out of 75
        • Set items were 1 out of 32, now 1 out of 48

    Epic Mod Hardcore 4.11 (6/24/12) 

    • Druid:
      • Since druids got the life per vitality doubling in an earlier patch forgot to change these two values:
        • Wearbear lowered from 100% base hitpoints to 50%
        • Werewolf lowered from 25% base hitpoints to 10%
        • Shapeshifting was already touched in an earlier patch so no need to change it
      • Damaged halved but synergies doubled on following skills (this should help make them less potent early on but the same later on)
        • Firestorm
        • Molten Boulder (4.11 fixes physical synergy)
        • Fissure
        • Tornado
        • Armageddon
        • Hurricane
    • Hirelings:
      • Act 1: Fire Rogues now have a 10% chance to fire Immolation arrow (was 25%) and 15% chance to fire Exploding Arrow (was 0%)

    Epic Mod Hardcore 4.09 (6/20/12) 

    Warning: Remove all Vitality points from your Paladin, Necro, Sorc or Druid

    • Life per Vitality now working as intended for Paladins, Necros, Sorc's and Druids
    • Sorc Shiver and Chilling armor should do double to triple the damage

    Epic Mod Hardcore 4.07 (6/17/12)

    • Assassin:
      • Blade Sentinel damage per skill level buffed by 10x and even higher in higher skill levels
      • Blade Fury damage per skill level buffed by 5x and even higher in higher skill levels
      • Mind Blast increased radius from 4 to 20, added delay of 250 (10 seconds)
      • Blade Shield damage per skill level buffed by 5x and even higher in higher skill levels

    Epic Mod Hardcore 4.06 (6/17/12)

    • Two unique items changed
      • Bladebuckle now changed to 10% chance of level 10 Bone Spear on being hit
      • Stoutnail now changed to 10% chance of level 10 Holy Bolt on being hit

    Epic Mod Hardcore 4.05 (6/14/12)

    • Amazon: Impale starting damage reduced from 5000% to 500%, per level 500% unchanged (should help make Impale scale well, but not be too much damage in the very beginning)
    • Necromancer: Bone Wall & Bone Prison buff in Life and life synergy

    Epic Mod Hardcore 4.03 (6/11/12)

    • Early unique and set items adjusted a bit to help make more of them viable

    Epic Mod Hardcore 4.02 (6/7/12)

    • Unique and Set Items item levels and requirements lowered by about 10 levels (this should help to see more unique and set items early on and throughout the game)

    Epic Mod Hardcore 4.01 (6/6/12)

    • Gheeds Grand Charm buffed to 10-25% HP% and All Resist % instead of 1-25% (just helps make it so you don't get a worthless one that doesn't buff your survivability)
    • Doubled the damage of Grand Cross (Paladin ability) to help make that skill more interesting

    Epic Mod Hardcore 4.00 (6/2/12)

    Hardcore 4.00 and beyond is meant and catered for Hardcore characters (death is final).

    • XP gains doubled
    • 5x better chance of finding Unique and Set Items
    • 4x better chance of gambling for those items
    • 5x better chance of finding High Runes 
    • Gheed Charm now additionally gives 1-25 hp% bonus and 1-25% all resist

    Epic Mod 3.30 (6/2/12)

    • Necro, Sorc, Druid, Paladin: doubled Life per Vitality (Necro, Sorc & Druid still have the lowest at 8, Paladin is now the same as Amazon and Assassin at 16)
    • Sorc: reduced Mana per Magic from 3 to 2 (now same as Necro and Druid)
    • Reduced Diabwall (should be Diablo's Firestorm ability) damage in half
    • Lowered weapons and armor levels by 10 so that some higher level drops happen sooner
    • On death abilities of the Cow level and Summoner have been nerfed (Summoner only slightly)
    • Diablo and Baal on hit abilities trigger half as often (benefits melee)
    • Amazon Impale damage buffed by 25%
    • Amazon Immolation arrow now travels 50% faster
    • Druid Shape Shifting health bonus halved to make up for the buff to general Druid health

    Epic Mod 3.29d (10/31/11)

    • Act 3 Mercs now have Prayer aura instead of Concentration aura
      • This should help them in their survivability complex 
    • Some unique items updates (like Dracul's Grasp)

    • Immolation Arrow cooldown halved
    • Impale cooldown halved (sequence removed so that it lands more successfully)
    • Lightning Strike synergies removed and damage buffed (50%)
    • Lightning Fury synergies removed but damage unchanged (same as it was with synergies)

    Epic Mod 2.38e (10/27/11)

    • Fixed some quillbear spawning issues in normal mode
    • Constricting Ring XP bonus increased from 15% to 50%, but also added a -35% movement speed to it (although it only shows up as -20%, it is -35%)
      • I think it should be in a pretty good place now, wanting to use it, but making your character very fragile and slow
    • Made a few unique items slightly better
    • Energy Shield reduced from 70% absorption to 50% (Sorc still felt too tanky)
      • Tested it and it feels much better, definitely have to be super careful on teleports, even with full Tal Rasha Set, can no longer take 10 hits, only maybe 2 or 3

    Epic Mod 3.27c (10/24/11)

    • Quillbears will now adventure into more lands in Nightmare and Hell mode, especially in Act 4 & 5
    • Gheed's Fortune Grand Charm has been significantly buffed but is now totally random:
      • 1-150% Magic Find, Magic Find per Level and 1-400% Gold Find
      • This should "level the playing field" with characters as some classes can more easily equip magic find than others, and 500% MF vs 1000% MF is only marginally different, while 100% MF and 600% MF is vastly different

    Epic Mod 3.26c (10/23/11)

    • Hunger damage reduction reduced from 75% to 25% and its attack rating matches Impale (almost always hits)
    • Werebear armor modifier x4
    • Oak Sage, Heart of the Wolverine, Spirit of the Barbs, Carrion Vine & Solar Creeper should be much more tanky

    Epic Mod 3.26 (10/23/11)

    • Reduced resistance penalty in normal by 10%, nightmare by 20% and hell by 40%
      • Normal -30%, Nightmare -80%, Hell -140%
    • All stats on charms are reduced by 2/3 so that stacking charms is much less important than good gear (also makes +skills charms better value)
    • Necromancer Summon Resist now maxes out at 210% instead of 250%
    • Druid summons now only receive 5 resist a level instead of 6 (at skill level 40 that is 40% less resistance)
    • Hirelings base resistance per level reduced by 20% (this gives them a 20% resistance boost in hell difficulty)
    Note: You should remove all charms from all characters on this update, except for +skill charms.

    Epic Mod 3.25b (9/7/11)

    • Sparkling Mail buffed to include 10% chance for Level 10 Firestorm on get hit
    • Full Set version of Milebrega's includes a 15% chance for Level 15 Molten Boulder on get hit

    Epic Mod 3.24d (8/26/11)

    • Low level unique items (items under level 30) have a 5 level reduction in level requirement
    • On top of the 5 level reduction, if the item is the first of its kind it has been reduced to level 1 requirement (for example: Hand Axe, Wand, Club, etc.)
    • A couple of low level unique items tweaked
    • Constricting Ring buffed to 15% XP and lvl 1 requirement instead of lvl 30 something
    • Quill Bears no longer should appear in the Glacial Caverns but should now appear in Halls of Anguish and Pain

    Epic Mod 3.23c (8/13/11)

    • Elite Unique Armors slightly changed (hit the red-dmg red-mag wall)
      • Gladiator's Bane
      • Leviathan
      • Steel Carapace
      • Tyrael's Might
    • Tyrael's Might is no longer 12.5% chance on a Sacred Unique roll and is now a 33% chance (Templar's Might is the other chance)
    • Armor is now more expensive for gambling
    • M'avina's set now has a new 3 set bonus to help with the set having no resists

    • Whirlwind's base damage increased a lot, level damage increased from 50 to 100, mana cost decreased

    • Poison Nova poison now lasts 6 seconds instead of 8 seconds

    Epic Mod 3.22c (8/6/11)

    • World Stone now has chance for QuillBear
      • Should be fixed now
    • Tower Level 5 now has chance for QuillBear
    • Arm of King Leoric Wand no longer casts Bone Prison on getting hit

    Epic Mod 3.21 (8/2/11)

    • Gold is 50% less likely in chests
    • Gold is 75% less likely in monsters (not bosses)
    • Some unique items slightly changed (some necro wands and necro shields)
    • Lowered these base armors from 85 item level to 84:
      • Corona
      • Diadem
      • Vortex Shield
      • Bloodlord Skull
      • Guardian Crown
      • Dream Spirit
      • Colossus Girdle
      • Ogre Gauntles
      • Sacred Armor
    • Lowered these base weapons from 85 item level to 84:
      • Dimensional Shard
      • Hydra Bow
      • Archon Staff
      • Giant Thresher
      • War Pike
      • Winged Harpoon
      • Legend Spike
      • Colossus Blade
      • Mythical Sword
      • Thunder Maul
      • Caduceus
      • Glorious Axe
      • Berserker Axe
      • Scissor Suwayyah
      • Unearthed Wand

    • Golem Mastery health bonus doubled
    • Clay Golem health doubled
    • Iron Golem thorns aura doubled

    Epic Mod 3.20b (7/31/11)

    • Constricting Ring stats changed, should be final version

    Epic Mod 3.19d (7/30/11)
    • Berserker Set now gives +30% IAS and 50% Poison Resistance with 10% Max Poison Resist
      • No longer gives any poison damage as full set bonus
    • Constricting Ring slightly tweaked to do more devastation to your character if equipped
    • Fire Towers should now be killable
    • QuillBear health reduced by 50%, Holy Fire aura has been replaced with Fanaticism
      • Weapon taken away from Quillbears and damage reduced

    • Holy Cross graphics and sound slightly tweaked, lvl4 and lvl5 damage increased

    • Impale damage only doubled

    Epic Mod 3.18 (7/30/11)

    • All end game Full Set Class Bonus Resistance All Max reduced from 10% to 5%

    Epic Mod 3.17b (7/29/11)

    • Quillbear vigor aura replaced, health reduced by 15%

    • Decoy duration now only 10 seconds, mana costs increased
    • Valkryie buffed
      • Equips all rare gear by level 19 (was level 27)
      • Equips what all summons use at levels 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40
      • Weapon at 40 is Viperfork
    •  Fend now attacks only 4 enemies at a time instead of 12
    • Impale has a slightly reduced chance to cause durability loss and has increased attack rating

    Epic Mod 3.16 (7/29/11)

    • Quillbear should no longer be in the Frozen River
    • Quillbear will sometimes appear in the Pit Level 1

    • Exploding Arrow no longer has a cooldown, damage / 5
    • Freezing Arrow no longer has a cooldown, mana increased, radius increased from 21 to 50

    Epic Mod 3.15d (7/28/11)

    • Quillbear magical and elemental resists lowered from 75 to 50

    • Royal Strike meteor initial damage and chain lightning attack now do half the damage

    • Teeth, Bone Spear, Bone Spirit 1st level damage buffed (teeth only slightly buffed), later levels slightly nerfed
    • Poison Nova 1st level damage nerfed, 8 second poison from 2 second poison

    Epic Mod 3.14e (7/27/11)

    • Monster rarity increased by 10
    • Quillbear sparsepopulate increased to 5, rarity unchanged at 1
    • Quillbear health halved
    • Quillbear no longer has chance to drop gold 
    • Quillbear added to cow level
    • Constricing Ring added to the game, gives xp but many negative things
    • Rainbow Facets now have a defensive flavor of each element
    • Some minor unique and set changes
    • Crafted items buffed a bit

    Epic Mod 3.13b (7/26/11)

    • Mephisto is surrounded by Willowisps instead of Blunderbores
    • Baal is surrounded by his minions instead of Returned
    • Monprop scaling with bosses slightly tweaked
    • Quillbear (Razor Beast) added to:
      • Act1: Cave Level 1, Hole Level 1
      • Act2: Stony Tomb Level 1
      • Act3: Swampy Pit Level 1 & 2
      • Act5: Cellar of Pity, Echo Chamber, Glacial Caves Level 2, Hell 1, Hell 2, Hell 3
      • Pandemonium Events
      • Drops are equivalent to Baal (2 drops per monster)

    Epic Mod 3.12 (7/22/11)

    • Gem drops slightly tweaked again for Perfect and Flawless to have a less chance to drop

    • Freezing Arrow now has a 12 second cooldown but its freeze radius is tripled

    • Summon Resist Max increased from 200 to 250 (this should basically match a druid summons resists)

    Epic Mod 3.11b (7/20/11)

    • Changed catapult vigor aura to fanatacism
    • Paladin's Prayer aura doubled and scales much better at high levels (almost 100 health a tick per level at 28 and above)
    • Elite Unique spears made slightly more interesting and boosted their dmg% on some slightly (25% or so)
      • Same thing happened awhile back with Swords, Maces, Axes, etc.
    • Reduced gem drops (none at chipped level, then more and more reduction the higher the gem)

    Epic Mod 3.10c (7/19/11)

    • Nodrop removed on all monsters and replaced with an item called noitem which drops nothing
      • What this does is make +players obsolete for magic finding, you have to actually wear good mf gear to have a better shot at good items
      • This also makes it so items will never be filling the screen and seeing them will never be an issue
    • Chests now drop up to 4 items but will average 2 items
      • This makes chests much more desirable which makes the less tread areas that have chests at the end more desirable for magic finding
    • Junk items (mostly potions) slightly increased dropping chance
    • Higher level healing potions and small and large rejuvs should drop earlier
    • Rune drops should follow a better curve
      • Lower high runes should have a better chance at being found (all high runes are still very tough)
    • Sol Rune red-dmg buffed to 20 to mirror the buff that items recieved
    • Mal Rune red-mag buffed to 20 to mirror the buff that items recieved
    • Doubled the stat bonuses on the 4 runes that provide it, as 10 to the particular stat isn't as worthwhile as it used to be (so now they should all be 20)
    • Drops in all /players should equal what 2.5 players used to be
      • The only reason to increase /players is to increase experience gain
    • Itemratio tweaked: Unique and Set items have about a 15% less chance of dropping
      • Hopefully with all these treasure changes it will feel about right

    • Jab base damage buffed to 150% and it now gains 25% per level instead of 15%, attack can now be interrupted (sometimes buggy otherwise)
    • Fend attack is much quicker, attack can now be interrupted (sometimes buggy otherwise)

    Epic Mod 3.09c (7/16/11)

    • Jab damage increased from 3% per lvl to 15% per lvl
    • Impale damage increased from 300% base dmg and 25% dmg per lvl to 2000% base and 200% dmg per lvl, but a delay of 8 seconds added
    • Fend damage increased from 70% base and 10% per lvl to 150% base and 25% per lvl

    • Cyclone Armor synergies added back at 15 per lvl (3 synergies)

    • Bone Armor synergies added back at 25 per lvl (2 synergies)
    • Bone Armor is back to physical absorb

    Epic Mod 3.08c (7/14/11)

    • 15% less chance for set and unique items
    • Gambling chance for sets reduced to 3% from 4%
    • Gambling chance for uniques reduced to 2% from 3%
    • Thorns replaced by a new ability: Grand Cross

    Epic Mod 3.07 (7/14/11)

    • 20% less chance for set items to drop

    Epic Mod 3.06b (7/13/11)

    • 30% less chance for unique items to drop
    • Monprop removed from some monsters
      • Skeleton Mages, Skeletons and maybe one or two others
    • Monprop should scale slightly better on some abilities
      • Meteor on death, Poison Nova on death, Frost Nova on death, Teeth on death
    • Some monster missiles should have double the range
    • Fire Towers, Evil Huts, Catapults, Nests, etc. should give either defensive auras or offensive auras to surrounding monsters
    • Fire Towers now have half health
    • Act 1 Hirelings now fire Cold Arrows and Fire Arrows
      • Should fix the no firing problem, although they will still cast the annoying sound 33% of the time until Multi-Shot lvl 6

    • Arctic Blast totally redesigned
      • Damage increased by x4 from original redesign
      • Delay removed

    Epic Mod 3.05 (7/11/11)

    • Baal room might be fixed in Nightmare and Hell
    • Cost of gambling armor should be more even
    • Baal should drop keys and runes at a higher chance

    Epic Mod 3.04 (7/10/11)

    • Fire Arrow damage x10, synergy lowered from 15 to 10, delay of 4 seconds
    • Exploding Arrow damage x10, synergy lowered from 15 to 10, delay of 6 seconds
    • Immolation Arrow damage x2, synergy lowered from 15 to 10, delay of 8 seconds

    • Cloak of Shadows cooldown no longer gains per level and effect is gone

    • Werebear form has massive increased damage
      • 500% base, 25% per level
    • Maul goes to 50% damage per charge from 40% damage per charge

    Epic Mod 3.03e (7/10/11)

    • Charms hp, mana, mf & gold halved (back to what it was a few patch ago)
    • Charms +skills cannot appear on rares (back to what it was a few patches ago)
    • Charms resistance nerfed by 1/3
      • These changes should make charms less powerful, so gear can have more of an impact 
    • Horadric Cube recipes that involved converting health pots + mana pots into rejuvenation pots have been removed, rejuve drops are now more valuable
    • Beginning Exceptional Armor should cost more for gambling (before it could actually be a money maker)
      • Not tested
    • Monprop should scale better

    • Poison Nova should pierce now
    • Shock Wave no longer costs any mana and can be cast with 0 mana
    • Shock Wave stun length per level is now 2/25 of a second, so around level 40 you could get a little over 3 additional seconds out of the stun
    • Firestorm can now be cast in Werebear form

    Epic Mod 3.02 (7/9/11)

    • x2 Health of Monsters
    • High Runes drop less frequently
    • Baal Minions should be worth less experience

    • Werebear Damage % doubled
    • Maul damage per level doubled

    Epic Mod 3.01 (7/9/11)
    • Shock Wave changed to extremely large aoe 6 sec stun in a cone, with a 15 second cooldown, damage reduced to basically nothing
    • Arctic Blast now can be used by Werebears and has Werebear & Shock Wave synergies
    • Arctic Blast changed from sequence to non-sequence so Bear can handle it graphically
    • Still looking into changing how the missile works for Arctic Blast (currently slow death ray)

    Epic Mod 3.00e (7/8/11)
    • Experience gained is halved throughout all levels until 90, 91 to 99 slightly slower
    • Increased the resistance penalty in Normal and Nightmare by 20 
    • Health and Rejuve potions are less prevelant
      • Should help remove the clutter of items on the ground sometimes, and also might make it tougher to keep full pots

    • Class Sets now only give +50% All Resist instead of +100
    • Mara's Amulet now gives +5% Resist All Max
    • Arachnid's Mesh and Verdungo's now give +5% Resist All Max
    • The Gladiator's Bane now gives +5% Resists All Max
    • Arkaine's Valor now gives +5% Resist All Max
    • Tyrael's Might now gives +5% Resist All Max and +15% Exp
    • Guardian Angel now only gives +10% Resist All Max
    • Minor changes to some other uniques
    • Absorbs, red-dmg & red-mag buffed on uniques and sets
    • Runewords Removed:
      • Rhyme for Gloves
      • Zephyr for Gloves
      • Lore for Boots
      • Strength for Boots
      • Stealth for Belt
      • Steel for Belt
      • Wisdom for Belt
      • War for Belt
      • Time for Gloves
      • Youth for Gloves
      • Thought for Boots
      • Voice for Boots

    • Rare Charms should be much more valuable now as they can now get minor all resists (the best all resists are still on magic charms) and +skill tree
    • Other stats besides resistance buffed in charms to make the tradeoff of resists a tougher choice

    • Energy Shield damage to mana increased by x4

    Epic Mod 2.97c (7/8/11)

    • Low level set items buffed, yay

    • Shockwave stun length changed to .8 second, 1 second cooldown, much higher damage

    Epic Mod 2.97 (7/7/11)

    • Vengeance Gloves proc chance reduced from 20% to 10%
    • Breath of the Dying Runeword proc chance reduced from 50% to 15%, Poison Nova level increased from 20 to 40
    • Chaos Runeword was previously changed from low level skills to level 40
    • Crescent Moon Runeword all skills changed to level 30 (including Spirit Wolves charges)
    • Doom Runeword Volcano level increased to 40
    • Hand of Justice Runeword Holy Fire aura increased to 35
    • Heart of the Oak Runeword Oak Sage level increased from 4 to 20
    • Passion Runeword Heart of the Wolverine level increased from 3 to 20
    • Stone Runeword Clay Golem & Molten Boulder level changed from 16 to 35
    • Wind Runeword Tornado and Twister changed to level 30
    • Brand Runeword Amplify Damage level increased from 14 to 20, Bone Spear increased from 18 to 40
    • Death Runeword Blood Golem charge increased from 22 to 35, Glacial Spike changed to level 50 Frost Nova with a 15% chance
    • Destruction Runeword: Volcano 10% chance level 40, Nova 10% chance level 50, Molten Boulder 5% chance level 40
    • Dragon Runeword: Hydra 10% chance level 40, Venom 20% level 40, Holy Fire aura level 35
    • Dream Runeword: Holy Shock aura level 35
    • Grief Runeword: Venom 15% chance level 40
    • Ice Runeword: Frost Nova 20% level 50
    • Last Wish Runeword: Charged Bolt 15% chance level 40
    • Oath Runeword: Bone Spear 15% chance level 40, Heart of Wolverine level 30, Iron Golem level 30
    • Obedience Runeword: Enchant 10% chance level 40
    • Phoenix Runeword: Firestorm 15% chance level 40, Blaze on level up level 50
    • Pride Runeword: Fire Wall 15% chance level 40
    • Rift Runeword: Frozen Orb 8% chance level 35, Tornado 12% chance level 35
    • Voice of Reason Runeword: Frozen Orb 10% chance level 30, Ice Blast changed to Frost Nova 15% chance level 40

    • Changed Phoenix Strike back to original playstyle

    Epic Mod 2.96c (7/7/11)
    Druid Bugfix
    • Oak Sage & Spirit of the Barbs were not giving the correct values, fixed

    Epic Mod 2.96b (7/7/11)

    • Uber Diablo and Diablo Clone Firestorm skill lowered by one skill level (all I could do)
    • Regular Diablo Firestorm skill lowered by two skill levels (all I could do)
    • Regular Diablo all other skills increased by 5 skill levels
    • Uber everything and Diablo Clone all other skills increased by 10 skill levels (not auras)
    • Some Uber missiles changed to scale better at higher levels
    • Physical damage of Uber bosses increased by 25%, crit chance of all bosses increased from 5% to 25%

    Epic Mod 2.95i (7/7/11)

    • Seraph's Amulet changed from +1-2 Defensive Aura to +1-2 Paladin Skills, rarity increased (won't drop as often)
    • Act 3 Hirelings health doubled (they don't lifesteal, so they their health regen is balls)
    • Act 3 Frost and Fire buffed
    • Hellfire torch procs Firestorm again

    Epic Mod 2.95g (6/30/11)
    • Low level Full Set Bonuses buffed (except for Angelic Set)

    • Revive should now read 1 monster at all levels

    • Hydra damage nerfed by 25%

    Epic Mod 2.95f (6/29/11)
    • Fixed Skeleton health bug
    • Increased Skeleton health
    • Increased Skeleton damage
    • Decreased # of Skeletons per lvl by half
      • These changes should decrease lag seen in game and make the army stronger, albeit smaller
    • Teeth velocity slightly increased
    • Poison Nova pierces
    • Bonewall & Boneprison should now have x4 health

    Epic Mod 2.95e (6/29/11)
    • Summons no longer have chance to cast Chain Lightning on hit
    • Summons have a slightly different equipment line up at each level and weapon equipped is detailed on the main page

    • Skeleton Mage now limited to 3 max, spells much stronger
      • Cold - Glacial Spike
      • Fire - Fireball
      • Lightning - Lightning
      • Poison - Poison bolt that pierces
    • Revive limited to 1, damage % from Skeleton Mastery x10
    • Hydras now fire Fireballs instead of Firebolts (aoe)
      • Hydra damage reduced (divided by 3)
      • Not sure if monster hydras will be crazy or not
    • Glacial Spike velocity slightly increased

    Epic Mod 2.95b (6/26/11)
    • Summons slightly changed so that weapons equip at level 40 instead of belt (belt now equips at level 30)
      • Skeletons weapon changed so that they pick up 7% crushing blow
    • Full Class Sets +skills reduced from 5 to 3
    • Energy Shield maximum reduced from 95% to 70%
    • Thunderstorm level 4 and level 5 damage reduced by 30%
    • Chain Lightning synergy damage reduced by 50%
    • Lightnings synergy damage reduced by 25%
    • Meteor synergy damage reduced by 50%

    Epic Mod 2.94h (6/24/11)
    • Infinity no longer has a chance to cast Lower Resist on attack
    • Shadow Warriors given C'Thun boots to try to speed them up
    • Chaos Runeword now gives level 40 Frozen Orb and level 40 Charged Bolt

    • Dragon Flight range doubled

    Epic Mod 2.94f (6/24/11)
    • Act 2 Hirelings now have double the defense
    • Act 3 Hirelings should fire better moves slightly more often
    • Act 5 Hirelings should attack more at the cost of a slight reduction in War Cry use

    Epic Mod 2.94e (6/22/11)
    • Conversion buffed so that higher levels bring a higher chance to convert
      • Monster ai is still dumb and I cannot change that
    •  Holy Fire aura damage buffed, still does less than the average damage of Holy Shock by about 15%

    Epic Mod 2.94d (6/21/11)

    • Class sets now give +5 to skills instead of +7
    • Some unique rings, ammies, gloves and helms slightly changed
    • My Vengeance 4 Socket Runeword gloves proc changed from Lightning Fury to Firestorm (Lightning Fury did not work)
    • +Dmg on anything but weapons does not work, changed all unique, set items and my runewords that use this to Dmg%
    • Rainbow Facets buffed
      • Elemental damage increased
      • +% Skill Dmg and -% Enemy Resistance remains the same
      • On death effects changed to on hit effects (5% chance)

    Epic Mod 2.93g (6/20/11)

    • Charged Bolt damage doubled
    • Frost Nova damage doubled
    • Nova damage doubled
    • Fireball velocity increased from 20 to 30
    • Lightning damage synergy from Thunderstorm increased from 6 to 8
    • Chain Lightning damage synergy from Thunderstorm increased from 3 to 4
    • Meteor radius increased from 12 to 14, delay increased from 35 to 50
    • Hydra damage halved

    Epic Mod 2.93e (6/18/11)
    • Unique exceptional weapons updated so that there on hit procs are semi-decent (for midlevel characters to benefit)
    • Metalgrid and Atma's Scarab updated to be slightly better

    • Dire wolves no longer have chance to proc Fireball on attack
    • Hurricane & Armageddon cost x2 mana
    • Armageddon reduced from 2 to 3 (50% slower rate of fire)
      • Safest elemental ability to pick up with summons, should do the least amount of damage

    • Lightning Strike slightly buffed (not Fury)
    • All sentries synergies halved, damage doubled and damage at level 20 and beyond greatly increased

    • Summon Resist goes from 20% - 200% instead of 20% - 100%
    • Skeletons base health increased from 42 to 100
    • Skeletons health per level increased from 25 to 50
    • Revives health & dmg % per level increased from 10% to 20%

    Epic Mod 2.92d (6/17/11)

    • Unique items updated once more; Elite armor, shields, gloves, boots and belts are a bit better
    • Twister (not tornado) velocity doubled

    Epic Mod 2.92b (6/16/11) Bugfixing
    • Aldur's armor now gives the right +skills to the right trees

    Epic Mod 2.92 (6/15/11)
    • Three new DLL's loaded
      • Mercmod
        • Enables hirelings to use all gear slots and weapons
      • Goldlim
        • Gold limits in stash and inventory increased
      • Dmgclamp
        • Damage is clamped instead of wrapped
          • Might fix the problem where when dmg gets too high it goes back to the low end
    •  Hireling resistance lowered by 60
      • Since hireling can now use all gear slots
    •  Monster Hydra damage reduced in Hell

    Epic Mod 2.91b (6/13/11)

    • End game sets and set items updated to have the same treatment as unique items
      • Keep end game sets, they are good

    Epic Mod 2.90 (6/12/11)

    • Barbarian, Amazon & Assassin Life per Vitality doubled
      • Make sure you unspec all Vitality before patching
    •  Druid Werewolf and Bear form life% doubled

    Epic Mod 2.89 (6/12/11)

    • Unique items modified again
      • All elite weapons looked at and buffed slightly to encourage choices
      • Basically if you find a high level unique item, look twice at it, because its stats are probably better

    • Bone Armor damage absorption x2, mana cost x3

    • Cyclone Armor damage absorption x2, mana cost x3
    • Molten Boulder velocity increased from 10 to 12 and explosion radius increased from 10 to 15, mana doubled
    • Armageddon meteors should drop more frequently
    • Fissure size doubled
    • Volcano mana doubled

    Epic Mod 2.88 (6/12/11)

    • Nightmare and Hell monster damage reduced by an additional 25%

    • Hurricane radius reduced from 22 to 20

    • Skeletons now have chance of chain lightning on attack

    Epic Mod 2.87 (6/11/11)

    • Phoenix Strike now does Cold Attack on 1st charge and Lightning Attack on 2nd and 3rd charge
    • Dragonflight has no delay on cast

    Epic Mod 2.86 (6/11/11)
    • Blade Sentinel no longer has a casting delay
    • Claw Mastery damage % increased by x5

    Epic Mod 2.85 (6/11/11)

    • Tornado is no longer a chance on death effect

    • Tornado now fires off three tornadoes instead of just one; however, radius of damage reduced from 6 to 4

    Epic Mod 2.84 (6/11/11)

    • Megademons no longer have a chance to spawn Volcano on death (only Molten Boulder)

    Druid (Elemental Tinkering)
    • Most Elemental abilities damage doubled and synergy % dmg halved
      • This makes it so the damage is roughly the same as it was but the synergies are slightly less important (hybrid builds more viable)
    • Firestorm damage doubled (on top of the above change) and velocity doubled
    • Arctic Blast velocity doubled
    • Molten Boulder velocity increased from 8 to 10
    • Tornado velocity increased from 16 to 24
    • Volcano range increased from 12 to 16 and fires twice as fast
    • Fissure radius reduced from 9 to 5 but the 2 second delay on cast is removed (no delay now)
      • Now fissure and volcano are very different abilities which gives elemental druids a bit more variety
    • Armageddon radius increased from 30 to 40, meteors land 25% more often and base duration is now 2 mins
    • Hurricane radius increased from 15 to 22 and base duration is now 2 mins

    Epic Mod 2.83c (6/10/11)

    • Hirelings now move at the same speed no matter if you are walking or running
    • Act 1 Hirelings chance of attacks slightly adjusted
    • Experience gains lowered at higher levels 80 and up, especially 90 and up so that getting to 99 is slightly more epic (still much easier than original d2)

    • Poison Creeper damage doubled

    Epic Mod 2.82b (6/10/11)

    • Hydra damage doubled

    • Summons now use Waterwalk boots instead of Tearhaunch boots (10% more resist and 5% max resist)
      • On the main page their is a section that details what your summons gain at lvl 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40

    • Summons now use Waterwalk boots instead of Tearhaunch boots (10% more resist and 5% max resist)
    • Spirit Wolves have a 15% chance on attack to cast Chain Lightning
    • Dire Wolves have a 15% chance on attack to cast Fireball
    • Grizzly has a 10% chance on attack to cast Amplify Damage

    Epic Mod 2.81 (6/9/11)

    • The ancients HP doubled in Nightmare and Hell (forgot about them in last patch)
    • Super Uniques spawn with double the amount of mobs around them (if any)
    • Super Uniques have a few more innate abilities

    • Grizzly HP increased from 3000 base to 4000 base
    • Feral Wolves Rage ability from eating corpses now lasts 1 minute instead of 20 seconds
    • Velocity of Grizzly increased from 14 to 15
    • Velocity of Spirit and Feral Wolves increased from 15 to 17

    Epic Mod 2.80 (6/8/11)

    • Boss hit points doubled in Nightmare and Hell 

    • Valkryie adjusted so that its hit points do not fluctuate based on difficulty level
      • HP will be the same in Hell, Nightmare and Normal (so they should be a bit more durable in nightmare and normal)
    •  Valkryie base damage has been doubled
      • Still probably nothing of note, but since basically all melee damage on everything else has been at least doubled...

    • Thunderstorm damage increased by 50%
    • Hydra damage increased by 100%

    Epic Mod 2.79 (6/8/11)

    • Monster skill levels scale a bit better, 10/20/30 instead of 7/14/21 (normal/nightmare/hell)

    • Fist of the Heavens single target damage doubled, aoe damage nerfed by 30-40%

    Epic Mod 2.78e (6/7/11)
    • Error Bugfix

    Epic Mod 2.78d (6/7/11)

    • Druid summon resists increased by 1 per level
    • Necro summon health increased by 5% more per level (was 25% now 30%)
    • Valkryie resist increased by 1 per level
      • To help cope with the increased resist penalty in Hell mode

    Epic Mod 2.78c (6/7/11)

    • Conviction aura range increased from 30 to 50
    • Monprop.txt adjusted a bit more

    Epic Mod 2.78b (6/7/11)

    • Hirelings now have 40% additional resistance
      • Help cope with the increased resistance penalty in Hell, this will make them stronger in Normal and Nightmare resistance wise, but I don't think that is so much of a bad thing

    Epic Mod 2.78 (6/6/11)
    • Changed some monster abilities from monprop.txt to make them scale a bit better in nightmare and hell
    • Added cow to monprop.txt
    • Added 40 additional resistance penalty in Hell mode (this will actually benefit those that stack resistance)
    • Reduced monster damage in Nightmare and Hell modes by 25% (more might be needed in the future, we will see)
    • Cows now have double the hit points

    • Strafe reduced back to original 3/4 damage instead of 100% weapon damage

    • Lightning & Chain Lightning velocity boosted from 30 to 50
      • Radius of next target on chain lightning attack doubled
      • Halved the amount of targets that chain lightning hits
    • Charged Bolt velocity boosted from 12 to 18


    Epic Mod 2.77 (6/4/11)

    • Slightly nerfed my glove, belt & boot runewords (runeword page is updated with new stats)
    • Slightly buffed glove, belt & boot unique items
      • This should give more choice to the glove, belt & boot slots
      • Soul Drainer Vambraces changed from melee gloves to caster gloves  ; )
    • Removed the hidden -1 all skills from the Teleport chest armor Whisper

    Epic Mod 2.76 (6/3/11)

    • Walk/Run Velocity of Hirelings increased by 4, this should make it so they disappear much less often
    • Adjusted some monster properties slightly higher (nova and frost nova mainly)

    Epic Mod 2.75 (6/3/11)

    • Resistance Penalty in Nightmare and Hell increased by 20 (Normal remains the same)
      • This change is because of the increased inventory size which makes it possible to easily stack multiple resistance charms
      • So this is current Resistance Pentalties:
        • Normal: -20%
        • Nightmare: -80%
        • Hell: -140%
          • So in Hell you need 215% Resistance to be at max resist
    • Hirelings now have an extra 20 base resistance

    • Valkyrie resistances increased from 2 to 4 (I'm guessing this is resistance a level, but not sure)

    • Blessed Hammer synergies changed to Holy Bolt and Fist of the Heavens

    • Spirit of Barbs resistance increased to 2 per level from 1 per level
    • Oak Sage hitpoint % per level increased to 2 per level from 1 per level
      • These changes were made to make Oak Sage and Spirit of Barbs competitive with Heart of Wolverine

    •  Battle Orders hitpoint % per level increased to 2 per level from 1 per level

    • Skeleton Mastery now grants 25 additional hit points per level instead of 20

    Epic Mod 2.74 (6/2/11)

    • Fireball now synergizes with Hydra instead of Fire Bolt

    • Fist of the Heavens single target damage buffed, mana reduced, synergies removed
    • Holy Bolt nerfed back to what it was (it doesn't affect anything but itself)

    Epic Mod 2.73 (6/2/11)

    • Bone Armor elemental damage absorption reduced and mana cost reduced

    • Cyclone Armor elemental damage absorption reduced and mana cost reduced

    Epic Mod 2.72 (5/31/11)

    • Increased Fist of the Heavens single target damage by x3 but lowered the synergy to 10% (was 30%)
    • With the increased damage of the aoe part of the Fist of the Heavens in last patch the 15% synergy is now lowered to 10%
      • These changes should make Fist of the Heavens pretty good early on and not too overpowered later on when you can max the skill and synergies

    • Battle Orders & Battle Command now have triple the duration and can be used in Town

    • Freezing Arrow radius increased from 5 to 7

    Epic Mod 2.71d (5/30/11)

    •  Monsters that summon hydras now have their hydras last 2 seconds less (was 10 seconds, now 8 seconds)
      • Still might be too powerful now that Hydras shoot Fireballs instead of Firebolts
    • Perfect Gems now drop in Hell along with Flawless

    • Meteor radius doubled, base mana cost doubled
      • Fire leftover after Meteor hit still original size (don't know when I can fix this)
      • Monster meteors might become more dangerous
    • Hydra missiles velocity doubled
    • Chain Lightning hits doubled

    • Decrepify duration doubled, now lasts 12 seconds, has no cooldown but costs much more mana
    • Corpse Explosion has no cooldown and has double the radius and double the radius per level, but only does 20-30% base monster HP damage (half physical, half elemental)

    • Immolation Arrow fire radius doubled, density reduced

    • Holy Shield duration tripled
    • Fist of the Heavens delay gone, damage increased
    • Holy Bolt damage doubled

    Epic Mod 2.7 (5/28/11)

    • Monster damage increased by 100% (felt like the normal damage of monsters was pretty weak)
      • Levels 1-5 not affected
    • Duriel now has Sandraiders instead of Goatman surrounding him
    • Reanimated Horde have a different mob resurrection on death (big knife guys)
    • High Quality Runes should drop less frequently
    • Gold drops at a much lower rate but in much higher amounts
      • Should make it so selling items is not the way to go for gold
    • Iron Maiden should now be lethal again

    • Summons have normalized health (their health is the same throughout each difficulty)

    Epic Mod 2.63
    • Experience dropped back to normal for Levels 2 thru 97 (was too easy to gain levels)
    • Experience for Level 1 --> Level 2 takes x2 as long as normal
    • Experience for Level 97 --> Level 98 takes 50% longer
    • Experience for Level 98 --> Level 99 takes x2 as long as normal

    Epic Mod 2.62
    • Summoned Pets have decreased health in normal and nightmare modes
    • Valkryie has decreased health in normal and nightmare modes

    Epic Mod 2.61

    • HP per Level and HP from Vitality has been cut in half for all classes
    • HP for Hirelings has been cut in half
    • HP for Druid's Spirit Wolf, Dire Wolf & Bear have been cut in half
    • HP for Skeletons and Golems cut in half
    • Damage from Monsters reduced by half
    • Tweaked some Runewords, Unique & Set Items
    • Rate of XP gain doubled

    Epic Mod 2.54b
    • Melee 4 socket runeword changed from Blood Golem to Spirit Wolves (still 5% chance on kill)

    Epic Mod 2.54 (the hireling booster patch)

    • All Hirelings now have x2 health
    • Act 2 Mercs given +10 more resistance (+25 more resistance more than other mercs)
    • Act 3 Mercs now have Cold Mastery, Lightning Mastery and Fire Mastery again (should be around x2 to x3 dmg)
    • Valkyrie now has x3 more health

    Epic Mod 2.53e

    • Poison Creeper buffed to be decent again

    Epic Mod 2.53d

    • Melee Runeword recipes changed slightly:
      • 5% chance to cast Blood Golem on kill instead of Raise Skeleton
      • 20% chance to cast Blessed Hammer on kill instead of 5% chance on hit

    Epic Mod 2.53c

    • Infinity changed slightly, higher level Lower Resist, higher chance on hit
    • Act 2 and Act 5 Hirelings attack rating doubled
    • Some druid spells mana cost reduced
    • Some sorc spells mana cost increased

    Epic Mod 2.53b

    • Double Swing synergy doubled
    • Whirlwind damage % changed as I found out that attacks per tick cannot be increased, only based on weapon speed as of 1.07 (-250% to start out, 50% per level)

    Epic Mod 2.53

    • Attack Rating on Barbs doubled through Masteries
    • Attack Rating for Druids doubled through Heart of Wolverine

    • Hydra no longer synergizes with Fireball
    • Lightning and Chain Lightning no longer synergize with each other
    • Thunderstorm does less damage but strikes more often
    • Lightning Mastery and Fire Mastery damage decreased
    • High level 28+ skill damage now increased to match what I did with other classes (+skills having a very good effect)

    Epic Mode 2.52e

    • Changed Enlightment (Sorc 1.11 runeword armor) to level 17 conviction aura (so Infinity will be much better for a caster when available)

    Epic Mod 2.52d

    • 1.11 Chest Runeword for Sorceress changed to lvl 12 Lower Resist, removed all other benefits

    Epic Mod 2.52c

    • Boss drop fixes (Andariel was messed up)
    • Removed Ber Rune drops exclusivity (bosses in hell now just drop random runes)
    • Chances for Ber and Jah increased when a random rune drops

    • Chain Lightning and Lightning damage increased

    Epic Mod 2.52b

    • Melee Runeword Boots: increased chance on kill to 3% to cast Raise Skeleton

    Epic Mod 2.52

    • Shadow Master changed back to Valkryie (it works)

    Epic Mod 2.51f

    • Valkryie on Caster Epic Runeword Boots changed to Shadow Master

    Epic Mod 2.51e

    • Fixed Carrion Wind ring having a % problem with Poison Creeper
    • Countess will now again drop Ber Runes, albeit very low chance (still higher chance for act 1 - 4 bosses in hell)

    Epic Mod 2.51d

    • Reversed necro changes, thought they were doing different damage

    Epic Mod 2.51c

    • Necromancer synergies with poison and bone skills slightly reduced (should be about right from here on out)
    • Treasure Class drops changed as follows:
      • Hell Baal no longer has a chance to drop Ber Runes (besides the original chance), and has a reduced chance to drop keys
      • Baal again has a chance to drop random runes
      • Diablo, Mephisto, Duriel and Andariel (in Hell) has a chance to drop Ber Runes and an increased chance to drop random runes
        • Diablo has the highest drop chances, Mephisto has 2nd highest drop chances, Duriel and Andariel have the lowest chance drops
      • Summoner and Nithilyak have a much better chance to drop keys
      • Countess has lost the chance to drop Ber Runes besides the 3 random runes
    • Basically: If you really want Ber Runes you have to run Diablo, Mephisto, Duriel and/or Andariel in Hell.  If you need keys you might have to run Summoner and Nithilyak instead of just running Baal.

    Epic Mod 2.51b

    • Act 1 Hireling has more attack power per level and casts Multi-Shot more frequently

    Epic Mod 2.51

    • Corpse Explosion given a cooldown
    • Summon Resist changed back to old style, buffed to make more powerful than original

    Epic Mod 2.50d

    • Baal and the Countess have an slight chance to drop Ber Runes in Hell
      • The Countess will still drop 3 other random runes
      • Baal now only drops Ber Runes, no other random runes, higher chance then Countess
    • The Oculus no longer has a teleport on hit effect

    Epic Mod 2.50c

    • Molten Boulder range slightly reduced
    • Thunder Storm damage doubled
    • Unique Items changed (two handed weapons slightly buffed)

    Epic Mod 2.50b

    • Melee Valor Runeword Boots changed to Raise Skeleton on kill (1% chance)
    • Vigor aura base radius increased
    • Zod Rune can now drop off of Countess and other Bosses in Hell
    • Lower chance to drop lower runes

    Epic Mod 2.50

    • Some uniqueitem changes
    • Glove, belt and boot runeword changes (see runeword page)
    • Life Tap now increases life % per level (2%), life tap starts at 20% (was 50%)
    • Blessed Hammer damage reworked, now does more damage (especially at high levels), but is not affected by Concentration, synergies also reduced slightly

    Epic Mod 2.49b

    • Corrupted Rogue Archers now have Conviction again   ; p

    Epic Mod 2.49

    • Corrupted Rogue Archers no longer have Conviction
    • Skeletons, Skeleton Mages and Spirit Wolves now have immune to cold armor at level 20

    Epic Mod 2.48d

    • Heart of Wolverine x2 enhanced dmg
    • Might aura x2 enhanced dmg
    • Concentration aura x2 enhanced dmg
    • Fantaticism aura x2 enhanced dmg
    • Strafe x2 enhanced dmg

    Epic Mod 2.48c

    • Run Speed increased by +1 (so there is a little more difference between running and walking)
    • Spirit Wolves cooldown decreased by one second
    • Some set items buffed slightly (Cathan's, Mavhina's, Bull-Kathos)

    Epic Mod 2.48b

    • Zeal now does 50% damage base, 15% per level
    • Damaging auras now have a much higher base range, but dont gain range per level
    • Leap min range increased to 8

    Epic Mod 2.48

    • Angelic Set buffed
    • Death's Disguise Set buffed

    • Whirlwind now does 15% dmg per level instead of 8%
    • Frenzy now does 10% dmg per level instead of 5%

    • Adjusted Phoenix Strike damage upwards

    Epic Mod 2.47c

    • Monster blizzards now are smaller and do half damage
    • Monster hydras no longer last a frick of a long time

    Epic Mod 2.47b

    • Mazes before Act1, Act3 and Act5 bosses are smaller
    • Nithilyak & Summoner now have a chance to drop runes as well
    • All bosses have slightly better drops and can drop runes
    • Baal on hit effects chance reduced and changed to Nova, Frost Nova and Meteor

    • Fade duration doubled
    • Shadowmaster & Shadowwarrior health increased by x10

    Epic Mod 2.47

    • Teleporting ban in Towers level 1-4 lifted
    • Teleporting ban in Worldstone Keep level 1 and 2 lifted
    • Teleporting ban in Tower level 5 and Uber Trist remain
    • Towers level 1-4 somewhat smaller in Nightmare and Hell

    • Hydra now gains duration per level but is now limited to 3 hydras (was 4)

    • Volcano cooldown doubled, synergy dmg doubled

     Epic Mod 2.46

    • Cyclone Armor reduced to 300 base, 150 lvl

    • Bone Armor reduced to 300 base, 150 lvl

    • Blade Sentinal reduced to .4 sec

    Epic Mod 2.45d

    • Treasure drops adjusted, should be about perfect

    • Blade Sentinal cooldown halved, now 3/4 weapon damage

    Epic Mod 2.45c

    • Treasure drops adjusted, hopefully cow level will be less full of pots now

    Epic Mod 2.45b

    • Enchant buffed a bit

    Epic Mod 2.45

    • Hirelings back to 10% aura chance
    • Act 3 Mercs (lightning and fire) have a lower level Cyclone Armor

    • Multiple Shot back to 3/4 damage (original damage)

    Epic Mod 2.44c

    • Treasure drop changes:
      • Junk 50% no drop in nightmare
      • Junk 75% no drop in hell

    Epic Mod 2.44b

    • Treasure drop changes:
      • Fixed gold amount drops (should be x4 now)
      • Reduced "Junk" by another 50%
      • Increased no drop to counter

    Epic Mod 2.44

    • Treasure drop changes:
      • Better health pots drop sooner in the game
      • Health, mana, rejuve, scrolls and other potions drop half as often
      • Gold drops 1/4 as often
      • Gold drops have x4 more gold in them

    Epic Mod 2.43b

    • Claw Mastery now gives 100% attack rating base and 25% attack rating per level
    • Phoenix Strike rebalanced to be more +skill oriented, and have higher damage, needs further testing though

    Epic Mod 2.43 (the epic life and lifesteal nerf patch)

    • Lifesteal divisor in Hell is now 2 (lifesteal is 50% effective in Hell)
    • Oak Sage reduced to 20% base, 1% per level
    • Battle Cry reduced to 25% base, 1% per level

    Epic Mod 2.42

    • Health per Vitality increased for all classes except for Barbarians (make sure you remove all Vitality points on all affected characters, which is every character but a Barb, before patching)
    • Bone Armor / Cyclone Armor buffed again!
    • Corpse Explosion nerfed slightly to 40-80% dmg
    • Blood Golem now gives more health to the Necro and never takes away health
    • Lycanthropy now gives 50% life, and 5% life per level instead of 40% life and 10% per level

    Epic Mod 2.41c

    • All runewords changed back to original enhanced damage amounts
    • Fixed the Wonder Runeword
    • Adjusted some unique amulets and rings

    Epic Mod 2.41b

    • Act 1 Hirelings now use Multi Shot instead of Strafe and gain a level in it about every 6.5 levels
    • Act 1 Ice Hirelings now also use Ice Shot; Freezing Arrow now works correctly in Hell and freezes mobs

    Epic Mod 2.41

    • Golems, Skeletons and Skeleton Mages no longer have a variance in health or damage from difficulty to difficulty
    • Teeth, Bone Spear, Bone Spirit, Poison Dagger, Poison Explosion and Poison Nova all have a reduced synergy damage (5%) and synergize with Skeleton Mastery
      • Damage boosted in higher levels to make up for synergy loss (you will notice +skills has a great effect on damage

    Epic Mod 2.40c

    • Skeleton Mastery skeleton damage dropped back to 2 per level (original)
    • Raise Skeleton bonus dmg% per level decreased from 7% to 2%
    • Raise Skeleton now scales much better based on skill levels
      • Example: After level 28 each point in Raise Skeleton boosts Skeleton damage by almost 100 damage
    • Corpse Explosion costs less mana to start, but more mana per level, also has less base radius (same radius per level), this is to encourage putting points into it for it to be powerful

    Epic Mod 2.40b

    Druid / Necromancer
    • Bone Armor changed to absorbing elemental damage (except for Poison) instead of physical
      • 250 Absorb first level, 50 per level, no synergy
    • Skeleton Mastery bonus to revive health and damage reduced back down to 10% (since they get the bonus health and damage that monsters were originally buffed)  

    • Cyclone Armor changed to 250 base absorb, 50 absorb per level
    •  Summon Grizzly damage synergy for Summons decreased again; base is now 15%, 3% per level
    •  Summon Grizzly, Summon Dire Wolf & Summon Spirit Wolf health decreased

    Epic Mod 2.40

    • Reanimated Horde now have a 50% chance to spawn FallenShaman on death (used to be 100%)

    Druid / Necromancer
    • Summons now wear Blinkbat's Armor instead of Hawkmail at level 20 (summons are again weak against Frost)
      • Grizzly & Golems now wear The Gladiator's Bane and thus still Immune to Frozen
    •  Summon Grizzly damage synergy for summons reduced from 50% base & 10% per level to 25% base and 5% per level
    •  Skeleton Mastery now only gives +4 skeleton damage per level instead of +6, and 20% revive dmg instead of 25%

    Epic Mod 2.39

    • Countess now drops 3 runes in all difficulties
    • Added 4 new runewords (2 glove and 2 boot), see runeword page
    • Adjusted the high end runewords for boots, gloves and belts, see runeword page

    • Shouts now have a 15 second synergy with other shouts instead of a 5 second synergy

    Epic Mod 2.38c

    • Act 2 Mercs life increased by 1.5x
    • Act 5 Mercs life increased by 2x

    Epic Mod 2.38b

    • Iron Maiden nerfed further since damage is scaling higher (in hell it will be about 14%)
    • Cube Recipe: 3 health pots + 3 mana pots = 3 small rejuves
    • Worldstone Chamber monsters decreased by 1/4 (help with lag hopefully), but added more unique monsters to compensate (there were Uniques in there before, just not very many)
    • Changed the way summons receive most of their life:
      • Dire Wolf now only increases summons life by 25% base and 5% per level (used to be 50% base and 50% per level)
      • Summons now have more base health to compensate

    Epic Mod 2.38

    • Lifesteal no longer has a divisor in any difficulty

    Epic Mod 2.37d

    • Lifesteal divisor changed in difficulties:
      • Normal: Full
      • Nightmare: Full
      • Hell: 1/2

    • Weapon Masteries now give 100% base damage, 25% dmg per level

    • Fury: about doubled enhanced damage
    • Werebear: doubled enhanced damage

    Epic Mod 2.37c

    • Rejuvenation recipes and repair and recharge recipes changed, view runeword page

    Epic Mod 2.37b

    • Whirlwind attacks twice as fast
    • All Weapon Mastery buffed (x3 dmg)

    Epic Mod 2.37

    • Barbarian life per Vitality doubled
    • Assassin, Amazon & Paladin life per Vitality doubled
    • Iron Maiden does much less damage to players:
      • 19% in Normal
      • 28% in Nightmare
      • 35% in Hell
    • Oak Sage lowered, from 30% base 5% per lvl, to 15% base and 3% per lvl

    • Natural Resistance slightly buffed to 25% base, 3% per lvl

    Epic Mod 2.36d

    • Changed monster +skill again:
      • Normal: +7
      • Nightmare: +13
      • Hell: +20
    • Fixed the catapult bug

    Epic Mod 2.36c

    • Changed monster +skill in each difficulty since the limit might have been level 20 for catapults (was getting an error in hell)
      • Normal: +6
      • Nightmare: +13
      • Hell: +19

    Epic Mod 2.36b

    • Adjusted gems to have x2 elemental damage

    Epic Mod 2.36

    • Changed gems and runes to reflect stat adjustments (x3 health, x3 health regen)
    • Reduced Runeword Enhanced Damage across the board if it was higher than 300%
      • For example, Breath of the Dying is now 250-300% instead of 350-400%
      • So the max enhanced damage will be 300% except for a couple of Ranged only Runewords
    •  Runeword Faith enhanced damage reduced to original amount
    • Added 2 Belt, 2 Boot and 2 Glove Runewords (see Runeword page)

    • Revives now get more life% and dmg% from Skeleton Mastery
    • Poison Nova synergy damage reduced, spell dmg buffed (more reliant on +skills)
    • Bone Spear and Bone Spirit might do slightly more damage

    Epic Mod 2.35

    • Skeletons, Skeleton Mages, Fire Golem, Blood Golem and Clay Golem now wear more gear at certain levels:
      • Level 20: Cannot be Frozen Armor
      • Level 25: 10 All Resist Boots
      • Level 30: Unique weapon of some kind
      • Level 35: Tal Rashas Helm
      • Level 40: String of Ears Belt


    Epic Mod 2.34c

    • Act 2 Merc: Fend replaced with Zeal (so it works on single target mobs also)

    Epic Mod 2.34b

    • Amn Rune now gives +4% lifesteal when in armor (instead of 14 dmg thorns)
    • Doubled elemental damage on Tal, Ral, Ort and Thul
    • Doubled damage on Ith and Sol
    • Self and party shouts duration increased
    • Natural Resistance changed to 20% resistance base, 2% resistance per level

    Epic Mod 2.34

    • Adjusted default chance back to original in hopes that Hirelings might not get the stuck bug
    • Act 2 Mercs now have a Feral Rage attack as well as the 15% more resistance (chance to use Feral Rage is half the chance that an Act 5 merc has)

    Epic Mod 2.33e

    • All helpful auras base radius increased by 50% (Vigor not included since it was buffed earlier)

    Epic Mod 2.33d

    • Lycanthropy: Doubled Base Life % and Life % per level
    • Firestorm: Synergy damage halved
    • Molten Boulder: higher levels damage increased, cooldown increased
    • Fissure: cooldown increased

    Epic Mod 2.33c

    • Health regen on items now at x3 original value
    • Verdungo's Belt changed back to original value (removed the +1 all skills)

    • Raise Skeleton should now cost less

    Epic Mod 2.33b

    • Infinity Runeword changed: lightning resist changed to 10% chance on hit to proc level 7 lower resist

    • Act 2 Mercs: Fend now replaced Jab as the go to move for Act 2 Mercs (Fend is much better when the merc is surrounded by monsters), removed chance to cast Lower Resist on striking
    • Clay Golem, Blood Golem & Fire Golem now equip Hawkmail armor at level 20 (cannot be frozen)
    • Clay Golem equips Frostwind Cryptic Sword at level 30
    • Blood Golem equips Lightsabre Phase Blade at level 30
    • Fire Golem equips Windhammer Ogre Maul at level 30
    • Summon Grizzly now gives 5% damage to summons a level instead of 15% damage a level

    Epic Mod 2.33

    • Adjusted prefix and suffix on magical and rare items (game max level to some, doubled elemental damage, tripled hp values)
    • Gambling changed again: helms and belts no longer available, price reduced to original, armor now available

    Epic Mod 2.32e

    • Fixed the archers in Tower, now they really have conviction aura

    Epic Mod 2.32d

    • Adjusted all Tower levels 5 levels lower (76-80 now instead of 81-85) to make it so you cannot easily level to 99 through it
    • Added conviction aura to some Corrupted Rogue Archers (yes, the Archers in the Tower now carry it)

    Epic Mod 2.32c

    General / Sorceress
    • Frost Nova & Nova no longer cause a half stun on hit & lowered the early damage on both
    • Adjusted mana on some of Sorceress's spells

    Epic Mod 2.32b

    • Hellfire Torch proc changed from Diablo Fire to Fissure, reduced to 5% chance and level increased to 30 (5% chance to proc lvl 30 Fissure on hit)

    • Immolation Arrow radius slightly reduced

    Epic Mod 2.32

    • Elemental and magical damage on all Unique, Set, Set Bonus & Runeword items doubled (Immortal King Crusher elemental and magic damage only buffed by 1.5x)
    • Life on all Unique, Set, Set Bonus & Runeword items tripled
    • Heal on Kill on all Unique, Set, Set Bonus & Runeword items tripled
    • Frost Yeti's changed back to Frost Nova (since Frost Nova is much more interesting)

    Set Items
    • Sazabi Set buffed
    • Bull Kathos Set buffed
    • Naj's Set buffed
    • Salvation changed to mirror the new Conviction
      • 3% Resistance per level

    Epic Mod 2.31e

    • Chain Lightning range reduced, bounce range reduced, bolts per level reduced back to original
    • Nova & Frost Nova range doubled

    Epic Mod 2.31d

    • All monster on death abilities reduced to 20% chance instead of 25%
    • Act 2 Hireling Normal / Hell Combat switched from Meditation to Prayer (what it used to be originally)
    • Act 2 Hireling Nightmare Combat switched from Thorns to Meditation

    Epic Mod 2.31c

    • Act 2 Mercs now have 15 more resistance to help with their survivability

    Epic Mod 2.31b

    • Lowered chance for skeletons and skeleton archers to use Teeth on death; also lowered the level of that Teeth (Skeleton Raiders, guys with lots of arms and swords unaffected)
    • Reduced level of monster death tornado
    • Frozen Yetis now have a Ice Blast on death instead of Frost Nova

    Epic Mod 2.31

    • Insight Runeword is now available on any weapon (just like Infinity)

    • Blood Golem now only hurts the caster by 5% instead of 10%

    • Summons cost a decent amount more base mana and require more mana per level
    • Heart of Wolverine synergy with Elemental skills removed and replaced with Summon Grizzly synergy

    Epic Mod 2.30c

    • Conviction on monsters fixed (there was an error in monprop causing super high levels of conviction on monsters)
      • Normal Conviction: -20 resistiance
      • Nightmare Conviction: -40 resistance
      • Hell Conviction: -60 resistance
      • Diablo Clone: -80 resistance
    • Corrupted Rogues no longer have Conviction
    • Fixed high end damage on 2 handers not working
    • Increased monster physical damage by x2

    • Skeleton Mastery now gives 40 health per level on Skeletons instead of 32

    Epic Mod 2.30b

    • Level 1 to Level 2 is no longer quite as extreme

    Epic Mod 2.30

    • Countess drops fixed, now should always be two runes in Hell mode
    • Pandemonium Keys should drop a bit more frequently from the Countess, Summoner and Nithlyak
    • Looked at a lot of magic skills and slightly tuned em for better +skill damage and lower synergy; skills affected:
      • Sorceress (pretty much all damaging skills)
      • Necromancer (bone & poison)
      • Amazon (fire, exploding and immolation arrow)

    • Iron Golem can now be the 4th golem a Necro is able to summon at one time (golem armies do exist)
    • Fire Golem and Blood Golem damage increased
    • Teeth damage increased

    Epic Mod 2.29

    • Bone Armor no longer has a cooldown, but costs much more mana
    • 3 Golems can be out at a time (Clay, Fire, Blood or Iron)
    • Golems tweaked

    Epic Mod 2.28

    • Tornados added to a few monsters on death

    • Skeletons health and damage re-adjusted
    • Skeleton Mage health re-adjusted
    • Golem damage increased (Fire and Blood), but now have a 15 second cooldown
    • Fire Golems have access to an improved Holy Fire aura (Holy Fire aura level = Fire Golem skill level)
    • Bone Walls have a 25% chance on death to shoot Teeth (might work, needs testing)
    • Skeleton Mages have a frost nova on death
    • Might be a few more tweaks and twittles in the Summon Tree

    • All elemental damage has been put back to original values (the beginning levels were over nerfed), except for level 23 and above (buffed so +skills has more of an effect on damage)
    • Spirit of Barbs now gives resistance aura instead of thorns (1 resistance per level)
    • Tornado velocity doubled, synergy halved

    Epic Mod 2.27

    • Infinity now gives a level 21 Conviction aura
    • Monsters with conviction should feel slightly less powerful

    • Conviction aura now gives a lower base amount of negative resistance and -4% per level instead of -5%
    • Conviction aura now works to lower poison resist
    • Conviction aura now lowers defense less (-30% max instead of -100% max)

    • Summon Resist overhauled, now gives 20% resist base and 2% resist per level (so maxing out this skill will probably be necessary for summoners, but it will also give more resists)

    Epic Mod 2.26b

    • Mana from Energy doubled, spell cost per level doubled 

    • Skeleton health, damage, armor, attack power increased; and now all spawn with shield

    Epic Mod 2.26

    • Removed the synergy of Telekinesis from Energy Shield (it screws up the absorption), energy shield now absorbs 1 damage per 1 mana (can't be any better than that, as any fraction makes it 0)

    Epic Mod 2.25d

    • Adjusted monprop and monstats to add variety (less Frozen Orb and Meteor)

    Epic Mod 2.25c

    • Adjusted chain lightning on death to be a slightly lower level
    • Adjusted Act 1 Mercs chance of attacks slightly

    Epic Mod 2.25b

    • Added rare charms (no resist or +skills possible on them)
    • Slightly buffed rare item properties available

    • Nerfed all Act 3 Mercs
      • Lightning Mastery removed
      • Fire Mastery removed
      • Frozen Orb Skill Level reduced

    Epic Mod 2.25

    • Lowered Concentration aura for bosses (level 1 concentration for normal, level 5 for nightmare, level 9 for hell)
    • New cube recipe to add sockets to non-socketed unique or set armor and weapons (found on the runewords page)
    • Mephisto now has conviction

    • Thunder Storm now works for Lightning Act 3 Mercs
    • Fire Act 3 Mercs changed to: Fire Ball, Firebolt, Hydra & Fire Mastery

    Epic Mod 2.24c

    • Adjusted lightning on hit attacks on some bosses / monsters
    • Adjusted monster density levels in some areas

    Epic Mod 2.24b

    • Diablo gains an aura

    • Conviction aura no longer gains radius on level (back to original, the base still is 50% larger radius than original though)

    Epic Mod 2.24

    • Lightning on hit changed to Lightning Fury

    • Holy Shock, Holy Fire and Sanctuary damage buffed
    • Conviction aura base range increased; also, Conviction aura now receives 1 range per level

    Epic Mod 2.23

    • Circlets and Coronets gambling price reduced (to mirror the price reduction on other helms in an earlier patch)
    • Adjusted some monster on hit abilities

    • Cyclone Armor now costs 60 mana base and 20 mana per level, but now absorbs 25 elemental damage per level instead of 20

    • Bone Armor now absorbs 25 damage per level instead of 20

    Epic Mod 2.22c

    • Cyclone Armor changed to have no cooldown (was 15 sec) but instead cost a butt load of mana (50 mana base, 15 mana per level)

    Epic Mod 2.22b

    • Increased Canyon of the Magi monster density


    Epic Mod 2.22

    • Mages now gain 8 health per level instead of 5
    • Hirelings no longer have an on death spell

    Epic Mod 2.21

    • Reduced the cost of all gambled items (especially helms and belts)
    • Reduces Crushing Blow and Slow on all remaining items (uniques and set items)
    • Edited monstats & monprop mainly for a switcheroo of Andariel's minions and Duriel's minions, and a new Diablo monprop
    • Edited levels to increase density in desert areas of act 2, and added monsters to Canyon of the Magi

    Epic Mod 2.20

    • Life per Vitality changed for every class:
      • Barbarian - 10
      • Paladin / Amazon / Assassin - 6
      • Sorceress - 5
      • Druid / Necromancer - 3
    • Gloves:
      • Rhyme
      • Zephyr
    • Belts:
      • Stealth
      • Steel
    • Boots:
      • Lore
      • Strength (added the movement speed 20% stat)

    • Cyclone Armor now has a 15 second cooldown

    • Bone Armor now has a 15 second cooldown

    Epic Mod 2.19

    • Adjusted some areas up to 85 (max level) in hell:
      • Tower Level 5
      • Canyon of the Magi
      • Tristram
      • Durance of Hate (all levels)
    • Added some more flavor and made the boss areas more epic (Act 1, Act 3, Act 5)

    • Adjusted how Elemental synergies work with a Summon Druid (Heart of Wild is now the center point to discourage Elemental Druids from gaining additional power to their elemental skills, as they would benefit more from Oak Sage)

    Epic Mod 2.18

    • Monstats fun

    • Skellie mages health buff

    Epic Mod 2.17

    • Some monstats & monprop changes to help make it so Fire Resist isn't the only resist needed in the game

    • Cyclone Armor changed to start at 100 absorbtion and only gain 20 absorb per level (used to be 40)

    • Bone Armor changed to start at 100 absorbtion

    Epic Mod 2.16
    • Changed up some monstats and monprop stuff

    • At level 20 Raise Skeleton, your skeletons are immune to being frozen (not skellie mages)
    • Skellie Mages health doubled

    Epic Mod 2.15

    • After casting Grizzly all delayed spells have a lockout of 30 seconds (including Grizzly)
    • After casting Dire Wolf all delayed spells have a lockout of 8 seconds (including Dire Wolves)
    • After casting Spirit Wolf all delayed spells have a lockout of 2 seconds (including Spirit Wolves)

    • Valkryie delay doubled from 6 seconds to 12 seconds

    Epic Mod 2.14

    • Fixed some of Hirelings skills and skill levels

    Epic Mod 2.13

    • Adjusted monstats & monprop
    • Hirelings have x2 health
    • Hirelings use Fist of the Heaven on death (should)

    Epic Mod 2.12

    • Reduced cost of class helms (back to original cost)
    • Fixed megademons
    • Reduced Immolation Arrow Fire radius

    Epic Mod 2.11

    • Lowered Shaman Fireball damage at low levels

    Epic Mod 2.10

    • Removed class specific helms from gambling
    • Added the original helms I removed awhile ago
    • Tweaked the sockets on normal gloves and boots to only have a max of 2
    • Changed monprop a little bit

    Epic Mod 2.09

    • Tweaked monstats

    Epic Mod 2.08

    • Tweaked monstats
    • Fixed socketable belts, gloves, boots

    Epic Mod 2.06

    • Added sockets to gloves, belts and boots to try something fresh, they are labeled the same as armor/helm for rune purposes (runewords don't work on them yet)

    • Changed a few things with monsters, we will see how it plays out...

    Epic Mod 2.05

    • Changed missiles to fully incorporate the new monster damage, now I should be able to work with the difficulty txt to add or subtract monster skill levels needed

    Epic Mod 2.04

    • Balanced some modifiers in the difficulty txt (since we have increased health, a bit more skill level increase per difficulty)

    Epic Mod 2.03

    • Nerfed low level skills from last patch even more, should be at a pretty perfect place now
    • All monster life increased somewhat

    Epic Mod 2.02

    • Demon Head costs lowered back to original
    • Monster damage increased across the board

    • Exploding Shot radius reduced to original, low level damage nerfed

    • Poison Creeper, Raven and all Elemental Spells low level damage nerfed

    • Skeleton Mages have double the damage per level until they get around 27'ish, in which they gain 10x the damage they used to gain per level (so instead of gaining 8 damage per level from 27 to 28, they will gain 80 damage per level)

    Epic Mod 2.01

    • No more demon heads available (sorry necros)

    Epic Mod 2.0

    • Increased the velocity of all monsters
    • Increased the monster density of all areas
    • Increased the unique and champion damage in nightmare and hell mode
    • Increased the resistance penalty in all 3 modes by 20% (you will need more resistance)
    • Added new on death abilities given to some monsters (these won't happen every death, chance on death)
    • Added new flavor for the Pandemonium Finale
    • No teleporting in the Countess Tower, Uber Trist or Worldstone Keep levels 1 & 2
    • Blood Moor now much more dangerous
    • Gaining Level 2 requires a bit more dedication (ratio lowered to make level 2 more of a challenge)
    • Walking velocity increased to be slightly lower than running to encourage the blocking function use
    • Countess Rune Drop changed to be two Runes no matter the difficulty, always random runes, normal mode can only drop first half, nightmare first 2/3, hell can drop any rune
    • Increased the life per level for every character:
      • Barbarian: 12.5 life per level
      • Assassin, Amazon, Paladin: 10 life per level
      • Necromancer, Druid: 7.5 life per level
      • Sorceress: 8 life per level

    • Crushing Blow reduced by about 1/3 on items and monsters (Ber Runes now give 5% CB)
    • Slow reduced by about 1/3 on items and on Clay Golem
    • Decrepify reworked to last 6 seconds no matter the level and have a cooldown of 18 seconds, the radius is increased by level
    • Damage of weapons doubled (not xbows or bows)
    • Wisps lightning bolt range reduced (might be able to see them before they attack)
    • Verdango's Belt now gives +1 all skills instead of health regen

    • All Hirelings receive more health after 70'ish per level than before (double), and have +20 resistance from what they used to have
    • Act 3 Hirelings skill levels reduced to limit their offensive prowess (they were op)
    • All Hirelings have same stats no matter from what difficulty you get them from

    Cube Recipes
    • Repairing items now uses the item and 3 Full Rejuv's
    • Upgrading Runes now just requires the amount of Runes (no longer need the random gem type)

    • Overhauled again, 3% chance of Unique, 4% chance of Set
    • Can only gamble for helms, belts, ammies, rings, grand charms, jewels and a demon head (gratz necros)

    • Skeleton Mastery buffed to give double the life and damage to skeletons that it did, also gives revives more health

    Epic Mod 1.35
    • Act 3 Lightning Mercs now use Chain Lightning, Lightning and Thunderstorm

    • Nerfed Lightning Mastery so skill levels plays a more important roll in lightning damage (also made Lightning & Chain Lightning damage in line with what it used to be, except for Thunderstorm)
    • Buffed Thunderstorm damage, raised the cooldown in between strikes
    • Removed Fire Bolt synergy from Meteor and Hydra so a Meteor or Hydra Sorc can have a few more options
    • Hydra: increased the damage, reduced the delay, but created a maximum amount of Hydra's that can be laid down at any one time (4 packs)
    • Nerfed Fire Mastery slightly
    • Adjusted some fire damage synergies to make sure Fire Tree damage was in line with what it used to be (except for Hydra)

    Epic Mod 1.34

    • Act 1 Mercs: adjusted skill levels
    • Act 2 Mercs: adjusted skill levels, added Lower Resist on attack 10% chance (makes Act 2 mercs very tasty again for casters), replaced Prayer aura with Meditation (Normal and Hell combat)
    • Act 3 Mercs: added Glacial Spike to the spells of the Cold Merc so Frozen Orb isn't quite as spammed
    • Act 5 Mercs: adjusted skill levels, Replaced Zeal with Fury and given higher chance of using it, lowered chance of using Feral Rage

    • Hydra damage buffed, delay increased by 50%, duration increased
    • Meteor damage buffed, delay increased
    • Fireball synergy damage from Meteor removed, synergy with Firebolt doubled
    • Blaze damage increased greatly
    • Firewall damage increased greatly
    • Frost Nova damage increased
    • Charged Bolt damage increased
    • Lightning damage slightly increased at higher levels, synergy dmg lowered by 2%
    • Chain Lightning damage slightly increased at higher levels, synergies dmg lowered by 2%, range increased to match lightning's
    • Nova damage increased

    Epic Mod 1.32

    • Exploding, Immolation and Freezing Arrow no longer require attack rating to hit and have a 95% chance to hit targets

    • Corrected Molten Boulder fire damage synergy with Spirit Wolves

    Epic Mod 1.31

    • Immolation Arrow adjusted: no longer can pierce
    • Exploding Arrow synergy with Strafe removed and replaced by a synergy with Immolation Arrow

    Epic Mod 1.30

    • Immolation Arrow buffed   ; )

    • Act 1 Fire Arrow Rogue now uses Immolation Arrow 10% of the time

    Epic Mod 1.29

    • Fixed Skill Tree text with Blade Shield

    Epic Mod 1.28

    • Both Diabloclone and UberDiablo now have an increased DiabFire ability (diablo's firestorm on those 2 diablo's will hit harder)

    • Blade Shield now does 1/2 weapon damage and has a much longer duration
    • Venom now does more damage and has a much longer duration

    • Removed Dire Wolf synergy from Molten Boulder (Summon Druid now has a weaker Molten Boulder than an Elemental Druid)
    • Added Spirit Wolf synergy to Firestorm (Summon Druid now has either the option of a halfway decent Molten Boulder or Firestorm)
    • Firestorm velocity increased by 50%
    • Firestorm mana cost adjusted
    • Molten Boulder Fire Damage synergy decreased from 18% to 15%
    • Wolves and Grizzly now move faster, and attain armor at lvl 15 (Hawkmail)
    • Grizzly now receives a Windhammer at lvl 30
    • Spirit Wolves now receive Hellrack at lvl 30
    • Dire Wolves now receive Horizon's Tornado at lvl 30

    Epic Mod 1.27

    • Multiple Shot nerfed: 1/2 damage instead of 3/4

    Epic Mod 1.26

    • Last Wish & Faith corrected again, I'm dumb, and now Faith has a variance to its damage and no variance to its plus skills (2)

    Epic Mod 1.25

    • Last Wish & Faith corrected

    Epic Mod 1.24

    • 50% base damage buff to bows and crossbows, mainly to their low end

    • Strafe & Multiple Shot now back to 3/4 damage
    • Exploding Arrow radius increased and added Strafe as a synergy

    • Thunderstroke now has the stat replenish quantity
    • Buriza-Do Kyanon 2.5 max damage per lvl changed to 2% damage per lvl
    • Windforce 3.1 max damage per lvl changed to 3% damage per lvl, 250% damage changed to 200-250% damage, changed stamina garbage to 25-75 mana

    • Expect Fire Arrow Act 1 mercs to be able to do some damage

    Epic Mod 1.22

    • Act 3 Merc bugfixes and condensing, now only 3 different mercs (see above in the Hireling section for more info), all the same throughout the difficulty levels (although you still probably want to hire in normal for better stats)

    Epic Mod 1.21

    • Adjusted Act 3 Mercs
    • Act 2 Mercs given Fend, but not sure if they actually use it...

    • Strafe no longer 3/4 damage

    Epic Mod 1.20

    • Made some minor adjustments to Act 5 Barbarian Mercs chances
    • Act 3 Mercs adjustments to help them out their spells

    • Charged Bolt no longer a synergy for Chain Lightning and Lightning, synergy damage adjusted up
    • Mana Shield buffed to .5 mana per damage instead of 2 mana per damage (since resistance is basically not counted when you have Mana Shield on)

    • Multi-Shot now does full damage not 3/4

    Epic Mod 1.17

    • Rune adjustments: it is now easier to find higher runes more frequently
    • Countess Runes: Nightmare Countess now always drops two mid level runes: Dol to Mal
    • Baal in Hell mode: Baal can now drop all three Pandemonium Keys

    • Oak Sage life increased threefold
    • Lycanthropy base duration of shape shifting doubled

    Epic Mod 1.16

    • Fist of the Heavens back to a 25 delay cast (what it was originally); it hits hard but faster cast rate no longer affects it

    Epic Mod 1.15

    • Fist of the Heavens buffed: now the holy bolts can hit any monster (not just undead), doubled damage synergy

    Epic Mod 1.14

    • Firestorm now increases the amount of missiles per level; skill level

    • Big buff for Phoenix Strike Assassins (have fun)

    Epic Mod 1.13

    • Fixed UniqueItems.txt

    Epic Mod 1.12

    • Act 1 Rogues now act appropriately and have Strafe (they should also apply their aura more quickly)

    Epic Mod 1.11

    • Act 5 Barbarians now also use Feral Rage, which they tend to use more than Zeal; War Cry fixed to be used less

    • Feral Rage duration is 3x as long

    • Frenzy synergy with Taunt removed, synergy damage doubled

    Epic Mod 1.10

    • Act 1 Rogue Mercenaries now have the Vigor aura (helps a ton for leveling low level characters)
    • Act 5 Barbarian Mercenaries now have the Cleansing aura (help them in battle, so they don't bleed their own blood)
    • Act 3 Mercenaries in Nightmare now have different Spells than the Normal and Hell versions:
      • Cold: Tornado & Hurricane with Cyclone Armor
      • Fire: Firestorm & Volcano with Cyclone Armor
      • Lightning: Lightning Bolt & Lightning Fury
    • Act 3 Mercenaries that do not have Cyclone Armor or Frozen Armor now have Bone Armor (including the Lightning Act 3 Mercs that used to have Energy Shield, as Mercs have no mana)
    • Reverted Shadow Master and Shadow Warrior changes as they caused much crashing

    Epic Mod 1.08

    • Unique Items can now drop more than once per a game again (bugfix)

    • Act 3 Cold Mercs use Ice Bolt instead of Glacial Spike (because it synergizes with Frozen Orb), and now use Frozen Orb almost exclusively

    • Vigor Aura radius doubled

    Epic Mod 1.07

    Rune Words
    • Infinity can now be used in any weapon with 4 sockets (not limited to Polearms)

    • Lightning Fury & Lightning Strike synergies reduced to 2, synergy damage increased
    • Inner Sight & Slow Missile radius slightly increased per level

    • Act 1 Rogue Mercs: Come with Cleansing Aura; Fire Arrow is now Exploding Arrow, Cold Arrow is now Freezing Arrow
    • Act 3 Mercs: Come with Concentration Aura; Cold use Glacial Spike, Frozen Orb and Frozen Armor, Lightning use Chain Lightning, Thunderstorm and Energy Shield, Fire use Fireball and Meteor
    • Act 5 Mercs: Come with Vigor Aura, use Zeal in place of Bash and War Cry in place of Stun

    Epic Mod 1.06

    • Another bugfix

    Epic Mod 1.05

    • Bugfix with Shadow Master and Shadow Warrior

    • Poison Creeper: Increased life and damage

    Epic Mod 1.04

    • Shadow Master & Shadow Warrior can now both be out at the same time

    • Poison Creeper damage adjusted to be less in the beginning and greater at higher levels
    • Raven max increased from 1 to 3, damage also increased

    Epic Mod 1.03

    • Hellfire Torch now a possible drop

    Epic Mod 1.02

    • Battle Cry now has the same radius as Battle Orders

    Epic Mod 1.01

    • Battle Cry radius increased by x4, velocity doubled

    • Molten Boulder synergy damage reduced by 50%

    Epic Mod 1.0

    • Max Skill levels reduced from 25 to 20 (Char might bug until respec)
    • Pandemonium Keys and Organs now drop (bug fix)

    • Revive max amount lowered from 1 per lvl to 1 per lvl / 3 (so if you have 30 skill points into Revive, you can have a max amount of 10 Revives out)

    • Hydra synergy damage increased from 5% to 8%

    • Firestorm synergy damage increased from 12% to 23%

    Epic Mod 0.90

    • Frozen Orb damage synergy increased from 2% to 10%

    • Elemental skills damage increased by x2

    Epic Mod 0.89

    • Holy Bolt healing capabilities doubled
    • Fist of the Heavens healing capabilities doubled, damage synergy doubled

    • Golem Mastery gives 50% more health to golems
    • Revives now gain additional duration per skill level
    • Fissure radius slightly reduced (stronger chance to hit monsters in the reduced area)
    • Volcano missile delay doubled (easier to see things around volcano), damage synergies doubled
    • Armageddon radius slightly increased, damage synergy slightly increased
    • Poison Creeper life greatly increased, poison duration increased from 4 seconds to 16 seconds, poison damage increased ten fold
    • Carrion Vine life greatly increased
    • Solar Creeper life greatly increased
    • Oak Sage life greatly increased

    Epic Mod 0.88

    • Molten Boulder damage increased (x2 physical synergies, x3 fire synergies)

    Epic Mod 0.87

    • Countess bug fixed, and will now drop 3 runes in Normal & Nightmare like she should

    Epic Mod 0.86

    • Changed Summon Spirit Wolf back to physical damage (magical damage didn't work)
    • Summon Dire Wolf life synergy doubled
    • Summon Grizzly damage synergy increased by 25%

    Epic Mod 0.85

    • Summon Spirit Wolf changed to mostly magical damage (synergizes 15% magical damage with Summon Dire Wolf & Summon Grizzly)
    • Hydra fire missiles now cause a minor knockback

    • Explosion Arrow synergy damage doubled
    • Blood Golem damage increased by x5
    • Fire Golem damage & aura increased by about x5

    Epic Mod 0.84

    • Countess changed to drop more items (5, exact same as original drop), rune drops unchanged
    • Pandemonium Keys reverted to original, with Pluggy it might not even matter (portals seem to be up)

    Epic Mod 0.83

    • Corpse Explosion damage reduced to original damage (60-100%)
    • Poison Nova range and damage synergy increased by 50%

    Epic Mod 0.82

    • Gambling system tweaked: Normal mode almost always produces normal items, Nightmare almost always produces exceptional items and Hell mode almost always produces elite items.
    • Armageddon hits half as frequently, base duration doubled, synergy duration doubled
    • Hurricane base duration doubled, synergy duration doubled
    • Volcano radius reduced from 12 to 8, cast delay reduced by half
    • Molten Boulder cast delay reduced by half
    • Fissure cast delay reduced by half

    Epic Mod 0.81

    • Firestorm: Changed from 1 mana per lvl to .5 mana per lvl
    • Molten Boulder: Elemental synergies added back to the synergy formula (Volcano & Firestorm)
    • Cyclone Armor: Changed from 12 Absorption per lvl to 40 Absorption per lvl, removed all synergies

    Epic Mod 0.80

    • Item ratios revamped: magic find should be as powerful as the original Diablo 2 magic find (might have been 10x more powerful), unique base drop chance slightly lowered
    • Gambling revamped: elite items should now be more possible, uniques and sets slightly less possible

    Epic Mod 0.76

    • Molten Boulder now synergizes with the Summon Tree (Spirit Wolf & Dire Wolf); this is designed to give Summon Druids something to do in combat (elemental wise)

    Epic Mod 0.75 Changes

    • Bone Spirit: Velocity increased by 50%

    • Firestorm: Mana per level increased from 0 to 1
    • Fissure: Range lowered from 14 to 12, damage synergy increased from 12 to 15

    • Thunderstorm: Slightly increased the time between lightning bolts
    • Lightning: Nova synergy replaced by Thunder Storm
    • Chain Lightning: Nova synergy replaced by Thunder Storm

    Epic Mod 0.74 Changes

    • Corpse Explosion damage lowered (now only x2 damage of original)
    • Teeth synergies damage increased from 30 to 45
    • Firestorm range doubled, missiles increased from 9 to 12, cast delay removed (was 15)
    • Molten Boulder velocity doubled, synergy damage increased by 50%, explosion radius halved (from 21 to 10)

    Epic Mod 0.73 Changes

    • Normal mode Countess can now drop lower half of runes
    • Nightmare mode Countess can now drop all runes
    • Both Normal and Nightmare Countess still drop 3 random runes
    • Hell mode Countess now only drops 1 rune, but it is always a high rune (Ist-Zod)
    • Volcano cooldown halved and radius reduced back to original radius

    Epic Mod 0.72 Changes
    • Thunderstorm costs significantly more mana
    • Wake of Fire Sentry synergy damage doubled
    • Inferno Sentry synergy damage doubled
    • Teeth no longer synergizes with Bone Wall or Bone Prison (its remaining syngergies are doubled)
    • Fixed skill synergy text on Teeth, Bone Spear and Bone Spirit

    Epic Mod 0.71 Changes

    • Inventory expanded
    • Now uses data folder, just replace the old one from your main D2 directory

    Epic Mod 0.70 Changes

    • Max duration of bone wall & bone prison now 1/3 of what they used to be
    • Corpse explosion damage decreased
    • Bone armor damage absorbed per level increased from 10 to 20
    • Bone spirit & bone spear no longer synergize with bone wall & bone prison (their synergy with each other and teeth are now x2 dmg%)
    • Firestorm missiles tripled, damage synergy decreased from 23 to 12
    • Molten Boulder explosion radius tripled
    • Fissure radius doubled, missile delay halved
    • Volcano debris range increased by 50%, delay between debris halved
    • Tornado radius of damage doubled
    • Hurricane radius increased from 9 to 15
    • Armageddon radius tripled, frame delay between rocks decreased from 6 to 2
    • Summon Grizzly damage % per level doubled

    Epic Mod 0.67 Changes:
    • Lightning Sorc Talent Tree adjusted (I accidentally buffed the damage with the first variance change I made to the tree)

    Epic Mod ver 0.66 Changes:
    • Summon druid skill max changed back to original (5 spirit wolves, 3 dire wolves and 1 grizzly; you can still have them all out at the same time)

    Epic Mod ver 0.65 Changes:
    • Thunderstorm cooldown lowered
    • Hyrdra synergies buffed (from 3% to 5%)
    • Blessed Hammer now fires slightly faster (than DC Mod ver 0.6), but Concentration now only effects Blessed Hammer at a 25% rate instead of 50%
    • Static Field lowered from 25% damage to 5% damage
    • Unique Items no longer have a one drop limit and can now be dropped unlimited time in a game

    Epic Mod ver 0.6 Changes:

    • Fixed Countess drops

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