Install Instructions

Note: Whenever I update my mod you will have to delete your "data" folder in your Diablo 2 directory and replace it with the new "data" folder.

You cannot play on as that will update your Diablo to 1.13 version.

Step 1: Install Diablo 2 & LoD Expansion
Step 2: Update to 1.12 patch
Step 3: Download my Epic Mod Install Pack and unzip it to your D2 folder, replace all files.
Step 4: Send D2MultiResGame to Desktop (create shortcut)
Step 5: Modify shortcut Target to include the following at the very end (parenthesis not included, there is a space before -w):" -w -direct -txt"
Step 5: Modify shortcut Compatibility set for Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
Step 6: Download my latest Epic Mod (on side of page  -->) and delete your data folder in D2 and replace with Epic Mod's data folder (unzip it)


Note on Pluggy Shared Stash in Multiplayer:
If you play with Pluggy Shared Stash in multiplayer you should not use it during a multiplayer game and you should keep it relatively empty (only 2 or so pages).  If you have too many items in your shared stash your save size limit gets too high and you will have sync problems in multiplayer (upon leaving games and upon going to Act 5 after killing Diablo and after killing Baal).

If you have any questions email me or leave a comment.

OLD section below
------ Obsolete Steps -------
Step 3: Download Plugy, High Res Mod, Mercmod, Goldlim, Dmgclamp & DLL Loader
Step 4: Extract all of them to your Diablo 2 directory
Step 5: Download and replace my Plugy.ini and my loader.ini files in the Diablo 2 directory
Step 6: Run PatchD2gfxDll in your Diablo 2 directory
------ Obsolete Steps --------

Note: Aero Theme might have to be disabled in Windows Vista or 7 for High Res Mod to work correctly

My mod works fine with Plugy and Diablo 2 LoD 1.12 patch.  I also recommend getting the High Res Mod.

My Plugy.ini configuration file.
My Loader.ini configuration file.

  • Mercmod
    • Enables hirelings to use all gear slots and weapons
  • Goldlim
    • Gold limits in stash and inventory increased
  • Dmgclamp
    • Damage is clamped instead of wrapped
      • Fixes the problem where when dmg gets too high it goes back to the low end
  • DLL Loader
    • Because Pluggy can only load 2 Dll's, make sure one of them is this

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